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 Flashback : Jimmy Carter predicts we run out of Oil by 2011 : Democrat lie (4)

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Flashback : Jimmy Carter predicts we run out of Oil by 2011 : Democrat lie

Whether it is that we are going to run out of oil or that we should have already been buried underwater, it seems that all of these dire predictions never come true.
The 39th President of the United States, back while he was running for the job in 1976, made a dire prediction about when we were going to run out of oil at a debate with President Ford on September 23, 1976.

We need to have a realization that we about 35 years of oil left in the whole world then we are going to run out of oil said the Peanut Farmer Democrat in 1976.
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Jimmy should have stayed on the peanut farm.

His dire end to earth did not work out as designed by the Democrat mind.

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What are people going to do? Their ocean front homes are under water according to Al Gore and the Left, and now we can't even drive our cars to get away from the coastal flooding.

The sky is falling, the sky is falling. Let us Democrats make draconian environmental laws to save us all!

Believe what we tell you as we fly around on our private Jets. No more drive thru food for you, but we will eat just fine on our Jets.

Nw remember to give your guns back to the Government, while my body guard is loaded to the teeth for my protection.

Chinaman(888) Clarified
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The sky is falling nonsense has proven the Democrats are wrong about all their insane predictions.

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The claim was made based on calculations that predicted that no new oil fields would be found. Which turned out to be wrong.

What is funny that oil consumption has actually increased a lot more than was predicted in the 1970s, globally.

Oil can be synthetically manufactured through chemical processes from other materials, so we'll never "run out" of oil, but it will at some point become a lot more expensive than today.

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Flashback : Jimmy Carter predicts we run out of Oil by 2011 : Democrat lie

Lol. How can you lie about something which hasn't happened yet?

Shut up Outlaw. Your partisan spam is boring.

Chinaman(888) Clarified
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The whole earth is now devoid of oil production so what are we to do.

Chinaman(888) Clarified
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Jimmy's words are here for your viewing pleasure.

Chinaman(888) Clarified
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2011 has not happened yet and we are now 8 years past that dire date of scorched earth doom and gloom. Do you have a calculator handy.