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Yes they are. No, they're not.
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Flat, widescreen TVs are a con.

4:3 CRTs just work.

Yes they are.

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No, they're not.

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I have a fairly large, 4:3 Sony CRT with a terrestrial digital decoder plugged in and the picture quality is crystal clear. I have yet to succumb to a flat LCD or plasma - and probably won't till my telly blows up in 2042!

From my experience of other people's flatties, they pixellate more conspicuously, judder with fast action and never, ever display any broadcast content at the correct ratio resulting in artificially fat news presenters and people who fatten up as they walk out of the screen.

Throw in the same old rubbish remote design all tellies suffer from e.g. infra-red that you have to aim with a billion nonsensical buttons that aren't back lit and no dial for traversing all the trillion garbage channels and an upgrade seems pointless.

And it's not like movies are ever, ever in 16:9 so you get the black bars anyway!

Side: Yes they are.

Yes, the cheap ones do pixellate more which is why I wouldn't buy one of those either. I rarely watch TV but when I do, I make sure it's HiDef (like the movies I rent) so I don't get the black vertical bars. And if it's BlueRay, that much the better. Finally, in order to avoid having a billion remotes, you need one good universal remote with backlit buttons.

You know, you could help the economy by upgrading ;)

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I have a great Sharp Aquos LCD flatscreen that I got earlier this year and couldn't be happier with the picture quality. The TV I had before was a 4:3 ratio, and although it had a great picture, I think the Aquos has an even better one. Very dark blacks, very bright whites, great contrast ratio, and no blurring b/c it's 120 Hz. I think a lot of the older 60 Hz LCDs were having problems with blurry pictures during fast action, but I watch a lot of sports and can say that this TV performs great.

Additionally, since my house is pretty small it's great that I can hang it on the wall vs. my big old CRT TV. That thing weighed several hundred pounds and was backbreaking to move!

Side: No, they're not.

I too have the Sharp Aquos LCD but I still prefer the Pioneer plasma.

Side: No, they're not.
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i dont realy think about is this a con but a like all both of them.

Side: No, they're not.
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what are you talking about i got a 50cm tv and it is full hi def and everything its deffiantly not a con.

Side: No, they're not.

I like my Flat Screen TV and I appreciate how thin it is in the back.

Side: No, they're not.