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Florida shooting

Wandering around the web I have found this : these are all the articles released by a news website, if you scroll down the page to see their article that announces the shooting you can see it has been released at 17:46 GMT 
If you translate that into florida time (I used google) you get 12:46 PM
Only its been reported that Nicolas Cruz arrived at his school at 2:19 PM ( 
So it means that this news website said a shooting occured 1h 27 minutes BEFORE IT HAPPENED 

Guys am I onto something? Please dont fight and swear in the comments, respect the dead

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respect the dead

I just saw this statement from the NRA on BBC News 24:-

"We need more guns to end gun violence".

How is turning truth upside down in order to maintain a profit margin respecting the dead? The NRA needs to be charged with a crime for saying something so blatantly false and stupid.

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Sniff sniff sniff....

Yes. We know all about Libs like Joe Scarborough demonizing guns and the NRA after happily taking thousands of dollars from? ....the NRA...

Want to see what hypocrisy looks like? Find a liberal and take a picture. They'll be pro gun as soon as it helps them win votes or imprison humanity.

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