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Food riots, violence and looting break out in Venezuela and South Africa

‘We are like a bomb’: food riots show Venezuela crisis has gone beyond politics

Three years of shortages have left Venezuelans desperate and angry for change, posing the most serious threat yet to President Nicolás Maduro

Virus triggers African unrest: Riots break out in Johannesburg over food shortages and Lesotho's under-fire PM deploys army to 'restore order' as Covid-19 claims over 1,000 lives across the continent - including Nigerian presidential aide

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Most communist regimes such as Stalin's reign of terror in the old U.S.S.R., China's Mao Zedong, North korea's Kim jong-un, (and his predecessors), Cambodia's Pol Pot along with other REDS relied on the slaughter of millions of their countrymen and women to try to make their impossible LEFT WING political ideologies work.

At least he Venezuelan communist leadership is extending the lives of their citizens by letting them die a slow and lingering death from starvation and disease.

The Blacks in South Africa cheered and danced in the streets singing their 'freedom songs' in 1961.

When members of the reveling, chanting mobs were asked what freedom meant none of them had the first idea.

FIFTY NINE YEARS LATER after so called freedom, the black's Shanty Town population has expanded, businesses have failed, the high yielding farms of the ousted whites have collapsed under black management and violent crime levels have predictably soared.

I rest my case.

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NO, IT WON"T BE FINE, but, this is just the start. I said last week, these stupid "give me back my freedom" protests …. with guns (AND children), … will lead to lead. :-(Tricky English words there).

This is just the start. I think our "Well organized militia", the National Guard, will be busy sometime before November. I hope not, but, it's getting bad out there. I hope everything will be ALL right, but, chances are it will be ……. ALT Right.

Venezuela already HAS it's dictator, ours is still "under construction". But then, Venezuela wasn't as well armed. Ours could happen like a shot out of a gun! :-(

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Miocene(543) Disputed
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Hi AlofRI, I respect the concern you've expressed but would present the facts to illustrate why your anxiety is unfounded.

The virtually zero chance of America becoming a totalitarian state is wholly speculative and subjective whereas Venezuela literally has a most brutal and tyrannical extreme left wing/communist dictator who has no regard for the welfare of the people of his country.

The American people will decide at the next general election which party and politician will lead the nation.

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AlofRI(3124) Clarified
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I've worked in Venezuela several times. I was delayed at the airport in Caracas once when there was an assassination attempt on their last "leader".

We CAN NOT let our guard down with this … um … person in office. The voting suppression being forced on U.S by him and Moscow Mitch make that "zero chance" thingy "speculative". THEY have ONLY regard for "certain" people in THIS country … those who will follow and OBEY! :-(And, of course … show total respect or, "YOU'RE FIRED"!)! Trump is a Social Nationalist, a NAZI! Sorry, your attempt to make my "anxiety unfounded" will ONLY happen after the next election, and only if it removes this right wing / Fascist (would be) dictator!

A man named Chamberlain thought the chance that Hitler would destroy England was "virtually zero"! The American people can only decide IF the voting is clear and honest, not "controlled" by a right-wing fascist dictator (and his Moscow friends)! :-(

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