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FootBall !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! soccer
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Football or Soccer

FootBall !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It's more phisical, phisicly challenging,and it makes you more buff than soccer. you don't just have to run and kick, you have to run, tackle, hit, block, and more so it's just awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Football for sure... much more exciting and entertaining!

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Football of course. Well, that is the kind of football where the purpose actually is to hit the ball with your foot instead of running around with it in your arms 99% of the time.

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Well, since I am living in the United States, soccer has no comparison with football.

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Football should be considered football all over the world. In football you actually can only use your feet so i think that football is a logic name. Now calling American Football, football, is just stupid because you barely use your feet.

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Football its way better !!!

First of all nobody cares that soccer is more popular globally!

Football players make more money than soccer players check the stats

There are 15 football players in top 100 highest paid athlets and there are only 9 from soccer

NFL Teams are way more valuble than soccer teams

In top 50 most valuble sports teams there are 29 from the NFL, only 7 from soccer check the stats:

Football is the no1 sports in the no1 country USA!! That's why they make more money......the Americans are paying more money to watch football then the rest of the world to watch soccer :))) c mon now it's bcuz u pay more for the better sport...and yea the better sport its Football!!!

Football its way more complexive.....the Americans are paying more cuz theyr richer....theyr richer cuz theyr smarter...only poor people who are dumb as well are watching soccer!! Its easier it doesnt cost u nothing so u can understand it even if ur dumb...:))

Fuck soccer, Football is better !!!

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This is a confusing question:

is it football-soccer or soccer-soccer?

soccer-football or football-football

(american or anywhere else?)

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Well, it's really called football, but whatever you call it, it's better than the American football.

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I live in a latin american country and soccer is so intense, plus it's not as confusing as american football.

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Soccer was first and is more popular. The World Cup get twice as many views than the Super Bowl. Soccer has almost half of the world watching. You have to be more fit for soccer.

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Let me just clear this up.

In the mid 1800s, Britain established the Football Association, it's nickname being soccer. The popularity of soccer grew around the world, but the name was lengthened again to football.

The Americans already had football, so they kept the name soccer.

We are NOT incorrect.

Supporting Evidence: Why American's Call Soccer "Soccer" (
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