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For P.E. in school. Against P.E. in school.
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For or against P.E. in school ?

Are you for or against Psychical Education in schools? 

For P.E. in school.

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Against P.E. in school.

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While it may be annoying I find that it improves my health..........

Side: For P.E. in school.

I say P.E is important for the kids who aren't much into keeping themselves healthy, it might seem quite a pressure to them during the P.E hours, but it'll give them some physical exercise which in turn might even end up becoming a healthy habit to few.

Side: For P.E. in school.
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I am for P.E. in school because, if not how else would some kids exercise?! Our generation of children are very lazy and if there is no psychical education, and we don't exercise at home, we will get no exercise at all! So, i believe that having physical education in our schools is better than no exercise at all..!!

Side: For P.E. in school.
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