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Forget Trump A Moment. Should We Go After GIULIANI?

Before he lands a lucrative acting job playing The Penguin in the new Batman movie, the state needs to put the squeeze on Giuliani. 

Personally, I still remember this lying fuck from when he was Mayor of New York, and how he conned people into believing he was a 9/11 hero. 

Offer this rat immunity, and I guarantee you he will sing like a canary about how and why he misled the American public about what happened to the WTC buildings. 

I am right about this.


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With the very same fervor! He is cut from the same slice of Satanic beef!

Send him back to his beloved Ukraine (far east section)!

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He’s a filthy little toad and a crawler even to look at the little fuck trying to look sincere on camera would make a dog puke

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