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Free market capitalism means the freedom to create monopolies and buy power


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Free market capitalism means no economic help from the government. With institutional barriers to government interference in the economy, no purchasing power will buy government interference in the economy on ones own behalf, let alone anyone else's. Concerns about the social safety net should only be mitigated by NGO's which have substantial economic power in their own right.

As for monopolies, they cannot be maintained in the face of a better product by a competitor. That means that a company can acquire a natural monopoly in a free market, but only by consistently producing the best product for the lowest price. For most products, the market is mixed enough that some companies will focus on price and others on quality with many degrees in between. But if a single company provides the best combination of price and quality such that people don't want another brand, then who cares? I don't. Nor do I care that there are very rich people out there. Their money isn't my money. My money is what matters to me.

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Free market capitalism means no economic help from the government.

OK, let's stick with that definition.

Beginning in 2008, the governments of dozens of major developed countries had to bail the "free market" out of collapse with taxpayer money. They did not request permission from taxpayers to do this. They simply went ahead and did it. But I digress...

The point is, according to your own definition, free market capitalism was saved by socialism. It is no secret that free market capitalists abhor tax because they see it as theft. Well, without it they'd be eating from styrofoam trays just like the people they despise.

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Amarel(4987) Disputed
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First, it’s not a definition, it’s an implication. If I were to say that a car means getting there quicker, I haven’t provided a definition.

Second, the government meddling in the market that got us to the housing crisis of 08 was as much of a mistake as the bailouts. Those bailouts didn’t save capitalism, they saved of few bad capitalists and set a precedent for more bad actors to act in kind. It’s called moral hazard.

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excon(13360) Banned
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Hello commie:

It's true.. That's why, as a committed capitalist and leftist, I'm NOT for FREE market capitalism.. I'm for FETTERED markets..

FETTERED capitalism means we make rules that PREVENT monopolies from happening, PREVENT the 1% from getting richer, PREVENT the poor from dying on the street, PREVENT banks from going bankrupt and taking us with them.. It SOCIALIZES programs that the free market is unable to address, such as health care, education, the military and the police forces.. Oh, yeah, your local fire department too.


But, you don't understand that.. It's cause you don't WANNA understand that.. Covering your ears and pretending black is white, is NOT a good way to win a debate..


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It's true.. That's why, as a committed capitalist and leftist

Let's understand each other. Capitalism is on the political right. When you say that you are a leftist, what you mean is that you are a Liberal Capitalist, not a leftist.

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Mingiwuwu(1480) Clarified
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Totally agree with you here. What I don't think you realise is you usually speak in favour of unfettered capitalism.

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That's why we have monopoly laws. Maybe you missed them...

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That's why we have monopoly laws. Maybe you missed them...

Then why does the Federal Reserve exist and literally have a monopoly on the entire US monetary system?

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