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 From now on a NYC Newborn's Gender can be "X" (2)

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From now on a NYC Newborn's Gender can be "X"

On Wednesday for the first time in its history New York City offered a third option for parents of newborn babies or anyone choosing not to identify as male or female: changing or setting the gender of a birth certificate to “X.” That third option, bypassing male and female, became available courtesy of a law signed by New York Mayor Bill de Blasio in early October that went into effect on January 1. 

Why is it the Leftist / Socialist are so confused about gender ????????????
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So the hospital is listing sex and gender on a birth certificate according to a known Commie and by the Commie's law ????????

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There may be scores of genders but there are still only two sexes. When one is born one is either male or female. Has any Democrat ever met an infant who was confused or even cared what sex was stated on the birth certificate.

NYC the new capital of science deniers.