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GENETICALLY, are pedophilia and homosexuality different?

If you even mention, "The child can't consent and it's gross! That's why they're different!", you'll be banned.


This is about their genetic differences, if there are any. 


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Why don't you go ask a geneticist, not a bunch of [mostly] idiotic people who through some stroke of fate managed to wind up in an era with internet access?

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Sexual orientations tend to deal with the attraction based on biological sex and gender of humans (either centered around being sex/gender specific or a lack of being sex/gender specific).

Pedophilia is more of a sexual fetish than an orientation: Being that sexual arousal comes from the situation of pre-puberty humans.

Therefore, I do not think, genetically they are the same, since pedophilia doesn't even seem to be a sexual orientation.

But for the hell of it, I'll pretend it is a sexual orientation, that perhaps on the very genetic, biological level they are both biological sexual attractions. Still, I find the information would be almost irrelevant to any debate or argument because it can still be ruled out by it's ravaging effect.

I do think pedophilia is biological, but it's harmful and destructive nonetheless, and of course, for that reason cannot be allowed and needs to be treated as other disorders are.

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Pedophilia is not gender specific, homosexuality is .

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nummi(1432) Disputed
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No, it is not. Ever heard of lesbians?

Or did you confuse one with another?

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MuckaMcCaw(1969) Disputed
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Say what?

Lesbians like their own gender. Lesbians are homosexuals. Therefore, the sexual preference is gender specific. It is the definition of homosexuality (or heterosexuality for that matter) that the preference is gender specific.

Pedophiles may be interested in their own sex, the opposite of their sex, or both. But no matter which gender they prefer, the preference is age specific (or perhaps more correctly "sexual development" specific) as opposed to gender specific.

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ChuckHades(3197) Disputed
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I was talking about the preference itself. One pedophile can like both men and women, but a homosexual can only like one. Note that I say a, meaning one.

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Yes. Pedophilia is not gender related, even though it is usually homosexual. Also, homsexuals are not necessarily pedophiles. Most LGBT people are attracted to people their own age.

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Homosexuality is pretty much entirely genetic, whereas paedophilia is often influenced by events in one's childhood.

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Homosexuality is genetic

Pedophilia is a sexual fetishism

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A person is born a homosexual and a person is born a pedophile but one is legal and she other isn't.

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Unfortunally you've banned the most obvious answer.

That thing you've banned, is acutally the big difference.

I don't know why anyone would thing pedophilia and homosexuality has anything to do with each other.

Homosexuality is a sexuality where you are attracted to the same sex.

While pedophilia is a sick mental disease, where you have crazy thoughts about raping children, and sadly, those thoughts become real.

How has that anything to do with anything?

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While I, in no way, condone acts of pedophilia, I could say this:

Pedophilia is a sexuality where you are attracted to children.

Please keep all hostility out of this debate, and simply look at the facts.

Pedophilia is a sexual preference, much like homosexuality. Both can't produce children (unless you're into pubescent children). Both are/were hated at one point for being unnatural.

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_deleted0_(850) Disputed
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Yeah that last part. Both were hated to be unnatural.

Don't you think thats a little... you know.

I mean that pedophilia, you mentally and probably physically hurt the child for life. Its not a good experience for the one who's raped.

While homosexuality is totally innocent, considering they're not hurting each other (at least not more than straight people are)

If the child and the adult were in love, I think it would be another case, still wrong, but then we confuse two different subjects.

Do you get what Im saying? ;p Im not sure if I do myself.

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iamdavidh(4856) Disputed
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Pedophilia is about power usually, nothing to do with sex. The sex is just the exertion of that power over another.

The most important difference is that homosexuality is consensual and pedophilia is not.

Pedophilia could more closely be compared to heterosexual relationships where the male is completely dominant over a submissive female, and where the female has no power internal or through law, to deny him. Which describes heterosexual relationships through most of history and even today in some places.

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It really all depends, but they are just as genetically similar to homosexuals as they are to heterosexuals.

Pedophiles are known to have low self-esteem and anti-social tendencies. Whether that's genetic or not is a case by case basis.

Pedophiles, generally, are not much different genetically from you or me. There can be areas of sexual deviancy, but that is still a very unknown area.

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I don't know why people wish there to be genetic differences between people of different sexual preferences, maybe it's an indirect attempt to distance one's self from them. There has been no isolated genetic sequence that is responsible for these behaviors and while genes can influence behavior they are not the arbiter of our actions. One important point to remember:

Genes are inherited.

This is a very clear and validated statement.

Homosexuality and pedophilia do not lend themselves to reproductive success, for obvious reasons, and hence make it difficult to imagine them being genetically inherited.

It would seem to me more pertinent to consider pedophilia to be an acquired mental illness, whether that be from life experiences, from some form of damage or under/over development in the brain, and homosexuality to be considered a consequence of misappropriation of hormones during fetal sexual differentiation.

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To differentiate homosexuality from pedophilia (or from bestiality, necrophilia etc) is nothing short of intellectual hypocrisy.

I have no control over my sexual preferences, which is more or less to a point determined by genetics. Certainly there are other factors as well.

I do no not choose what I am attracted to and what I'm not attracted to - whether my object of attraction would be a female, a male, a sheep or in this case a child is completely outside of my control. We cherry pick which of these attractions are socially acceptable and which aren't, but ultimately they are arbitrary lines that are drawn from emotion and traditions, rather than consistent logic.

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