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ps3 has better game qualities and its more accurate with the ps move

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psn move is a more accurate wii so what we got kinect and the xbox has better graphics/textures/and shadow effects for games on both systems yes ps3 exclusive games have better graphics but xbox exclusives have better gameplay and pretty good graphics plus i see dont gears,halo,left for dead, or fable on ps3 pwned but they both rock.

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xVDeathWishV(23) Disputed
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Uhm...PS3's graphics trample Xbox's grapics, and I'll give you Gears and Fable, but Halo now sucks and L4D wont be progressing anytime soon. plus you dont have to play for PS3 online, the servers are much more deticated, and the community isnt full of arrogant, racist, pricks on PS3. It also doesnt break.

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