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 Gandhi said it better than I could myself. (11)

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Gandhi said it better than I could myself.

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Ghandi also slept with a child and didn't admit to it. That's a bitter irony eh?

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Your lack of exclamation points disappoints me.

Akulakhan(2985) Clarified
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"In 1906 Gandhi, although married and a father, vowed to abstain from sexual relations. In the 1940s, in his mid-seventies, he brought his grandniece Manubehn to sleep naked in his bed as part of a spiritual experiment in which Gandhi could test himself as a "brahmachari." Several other young women and girls also sometimes shared his bed as part of his experiments. Gandhi discussed his experiment with friends and relations; most disagreed and the experiment ceased in 1947."

-A paraphrase of Colonialism, Tradition and Reform: An Analysis of Gandhi's Political Discourse Sage, p. 210. by

Yeah, disregard his "holiness" for this one. If you knew anyone else whom tried this once, you'd be suspicious. He did this several times. And do you really think a little girl is going to slander the great Gandhi?

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can you prove your claim ?

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true, true... but of course pretty much anyone could say anything better than you, so.... yeah....

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get a room, you two. ;)

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I like that. I would up vote this debate if I could. :)

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Sounds like something I would say... And very much so.