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Gay People

Look, I don't hate gay people, I just can't stand being around them for more than 30 minutes. I understand its not their fault and that they can't control it. I also believe its better for them to be open about it if it make them happy, but I can't stand being around them! Almost all openly gay people act in a manner I find extreamly irritating and I am a very irritable person. Is this wrong?

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Almost all

silly assertion.

I am a very irritable person. Is this wrong?

At least you realize that it is you, not them. That would be considered great progress for many.

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Remember, they're annoying not because they're gay, but just because they are loud and obnoxious people.

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Look, I don't hate gay people,

Off to a terrible start.

I just can't stand being around them for more than 30 minutes.

All the gay people you know cannot and should not represent every homosexual you could possibly encounter.

I understand its not their fault and that they can't control it. I also believe its better for them to be open about it if it [makes] them happy, but I can't stand being around them!

Previously stated.

Almost all openly gay people act in a manner I find [extremely] irritating and I am a very irritable person.

What's the manner and how is it irritating? Explain.

Is this wrong?

Objectively, opinions cannot be right or wrong.

Subjectively, you're as wrong as they come. You are claiming that the handful of gay people you have potentially interacted with acted in a certain unspecified manner that made you uncomfortable for certain unspecified reasons, and you make the false assumption that these potential interactions with these gay people represent all gay people as a whole. I can't make heads or tails of what you're trying to say if you don't know either.

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The odds are considerable that you have actually met and interacted with homosexual persons for considerably longer than 30 minutes without knowing it. Not all homosexual persons act the same way, just as not all heterosexuals act the same way. For comparison, I could say that I just can't stand being around straight people because the way almost all openly straight people make generalizations about gay people I find extremely irritating; but that too would be an inaccurate stereotype. It would be far more accurate to say that I can't stand being around people of any sexual orientation who make false generalizations about groups of people, just as it would be more accurate for you to state that you do not like flamboyant or loud personalities (in truth, likely independent of orientation as well).

With respect to whether your feelings are wrong... I personally do not believe in right and wrong, but that is another issue entirely I suspect. Suffice it to say that in reality I do not really care if you do not like someone for any reason so long as you do not discriminate or attack them for it. You are perfectly well entitled to your feelings in my opinion.

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You don't like flamboyant gays. Open gays are just ones that aren't hiding that they are gay from their family and friends.

That sounds more along the lines of what I was thinking. Thanks.

the assertion that they cannot help it or control it has been scientifically disproved. the Xq28 chromosome, like any gene, cannot completely control one's behavior. it can only affect it. it you can make one more likely to behave in a certain manner,such as affecting one's mood. however, genes cannot make someone gay, alcoholic or abusive.

Jace(5187) Disputed
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While no specific gene or even overall genetic composition alone accounts for behavior, the growing consensus within the scientific field is that genetics establish our predispositions which are subsequently acted upon by our exposure to different environmental stimuli. Consequentially, two people with the same gene may not exhibit the same attribute due to their different lived experiences. This does not mean that people actually exercise any control over that attribute, with respect to sexual orientation or any other characteristic or behavior.

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outside influences can only affect our decisions. the notion that we are not responsible for what we do is absurd. in that case, take out every child molester from prison who was raped themselves and erase their record. they were only acting as outside influences shaped them, right?

gay people are like anybody else. if you don't feel comfortable being around somebody, there's no law written in the books that says you have to hang out with them. just don't think all gay people are alike. not all are flamboyant.

I have been taught to tolerate all sorts of people. Maybe you should take a slow approach in getting more comfortable with gays. Some tolerance practice would help.

I met my share full of homosexuals in my day, and their not that bad. I rather hang out with Freddy Mercury than Kirk Franklin.

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You mean flamboyant people correct, or are you generally talking about anyone who declares themselves a homosexual, acts in a manner that annoys you?

Is it the being homosexual that annoys you, or is it just mannerism that you hate, that you've only ever seen in homosexuals?

Because I'm almost certain you're referring to flamboyance in males, that air of self confidence, and femininity most commonly attributed to homosexual males, however I assure you. Not all homosexuals, male or otherwise, are flamboyant, and not all flamboyant people, are homosexual, male or otherwise.

Maybe deep down you don't like homosexuals, and after discovering that that's not socially acceptable, you distanced yourself from that, but still can't let go of the disdain you have for the personality you've attributed to homosexuals. Also are you only referring to males or females as well?

Jacobcoolguy(2428) Clarified
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Just males, which actually looks even more assholish from your perspective.

DrawFour(2662) Clarified
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Then yea, if just males and you claim you hate the way obvious homosexuals act, you're talking about that flamboyance. In some sense I kind of agree with you, or I used to. I felt like they were being so obvious, that it was annoying, eventually I though to myself, what if that's just how they are and not because they want us to know their homosexual. It also helped that I met a flamboyant heterosexual male one day, who'd grow to become a close work friend of mine.

Some people just are a certain way, if you don't like that then that's your problem, but if you show your disdain either through rude verbal abuse or violent actions then it's everyone's problem. Ultimately if you don't like them because of that personality trait, then no one can stop you. I just hope, from my own perspective, that you learn to accept it one day.

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Homosexual people do not bother me. I have no problem with them and some of my friends are actually gay themselves. Although, I do have to say that flamboyance can get annoying at times. It is comparable, in my opinion, to the annoyance of public display of affection.

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Do you not like gay people because of their sexuality or....?

I think you're throwing all gay people in the same bag. It's like a time when man said that "Colored" people wee bad because one had killed another. Just because patatoes and sweat potatoes look alike doesn't mean they are the same. I don't think the issue here is with gay people it self but with people who now who they are and what they want. what is it exactly that bothers you about them?

Jacobcoolguy(2428) Clarified
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I just don't like feminine gay males. I find them annoying. I don't hate them, I just don't want to be around them.

dreamer101(17) Clarified
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Well that's a whole different thing. Not all gays are feminine like not all lesbians are tom boys.

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Yes it's very wrong. You hate the way they act not because they are gay. Being gay has nothing to do with that. I know several guys who act like that and only half of them are heterosexual.