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Gay Rights.

NEVER THE HELL MIND ABOUT THE LINK. It's stupid that it can't just be up and seen. But whatever.

Your thoughts on gay rights?

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If you had to login to get to the page then it's not going to show us whatever it is that you want to show us. Perhaps you could show us a screen capture of it, or just explain it. It's telling me page unavailable.

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Right now, that link comes up with This content is currently unavailable.

I think I fixed it.

Please try again? ^-^

Would be appreciated.

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Now it comes up to where I have to add the person as a friend to see their page. It doesn't appear to be open to the public since I am logged into Facebook at the time also. It must be set to friends only.

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Profile is private. I would have to send a friend request to see whatever it is that you want to show us. Which I'm not going to do.

Well I can't take a screenshot of a huge freaking facebook conversation...

And I thought he was set to public, because I can see this stuff easily.


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That's a rather broad subject. Anything specific that concerns you?

Acually, I was interested in something. The link was an argument in between two youths.

I mean really young youths. Barely 1.5 decades old.

Both seemed to be Christian, except one was fighting for gay rights on the terms that 'God loves the gays because he let them be born gay' while the other disputed that, 'Being gay is a lifestyle choice and the Bible therefore makes it clear that it's unnatural'.

The young do not cease to amase me. I had no idea that even a religious one would be taught something like that when all I've ever heard recently is how being gay is wrong because of the Bible (which I don't give two shits about, by the way.)

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I too could care less about how their religion views it. But I believe both, that it is a lifestyle choice for some while others are predisposed to be that way from birth.

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I would say homosexuality is due to both genetic predisposition and environmental factors.

What do you mean by environmental? I've never heard of that.

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What do you mean by environmental? I've never heard of that.

Socio-economic, political, cultural, religious, parental, peers, media etc...

By environmental, I mean anything that is around you that influences you. I'm not talking about trees and lakes and such, as in the ecological sense of the word.

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The hormones a fetus receives in utero can influence their orientation.

edit: Sorry, I didn't see this post was so old.

You must frown on homosexuality because it hurts the advancement of the human race. Am i right? It makes logical sense to why you would after what you have stated to me in my debate. Im not being rude. :)

HuskiBoi(10) Disputed
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Not necessarily.

1) Many gays or lesbians still want children, and that leads them to finding surrogates.

2) It hurts the growth rate of the world's population. That can't hurt the advancement of the human race. We will eventually overpopulate this planet, and we can already visually see the effects of THAT advancement. Are you sure that gays, which serve as a birth control to humans, are really a negative thing?

chatturgha(1630) Disputed
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You must frown on homosexuality because it hurts the advancement of the human race. Am I right?

No, you're not.

Homosexuality is a hereditary trait based upon studies of twins. It's found in thousands of species of animals besides humanity. If evolution inserted it into our genes and the genes of other animals, then there's a good reason the mutation occurred.

And for the record, evolution isn't omnipotent, though homosexually conveniently helps cure our overpopulation problems as humans. Instead of producing more children, homosexuals are more likely to adopt children that were abandoned or orphaned, which helps solve overpopulation in modern countries.

It doesn't do the same thing for other animal species, but that's my human take on it. There's a reason the gene is found in us and other animals. There is never a reason a supposedly faulty or rare gene still exists unless it serves some purpose for the species that has the gene.

So, the very fact that homosexuals exist makes this 'logic' faulty.

It makes logical sense to why you would after what you have stated to me in my debate.

No it doesn't make sense to say that. All animals that are too weak to survive are dead. If homosexuality was a gene that deters animal species, then it wouldn't have carried on into thousands of animals species that also include homo sapiens.

You make, therefore, absolutely no sense by saying that.

You failed to understand my entire point on that other debate, since you are obviously still bent on asking meaningless questions and also trying to push my buttons.

I'm not being rude. :)

You're being very rude. You're mocking me despite your inability to understand. So, go fuck yourself.

TheThinker(1712) Disputed
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Dude, i never meant to be rude in the first place. I don't ever want to be rude to anyone here at all. I want to treat others how i want to be treated. If you think i meant to mock you, then im sorry.

"So go fuck yourself." Honestly, i would never say to anybody. Well that is just me. And you said you were a nice person. Really, now you are being rude.

"Pushing your buttons?" I created a debate. I didn't force you to answer. Im am thankful that you did.

I believe you are right in some ways. And wrong in some ways. You right with the idea of homosexuality and the overpopulation issue. However, they themselves can't produce children. In a way, they hurt society of ever advancing. So basically the only reason why homosexuality is helping the human race is helping the overpopulation issue. However, that is the only way i see it.

Honestly, Chatturgha. I asked you for help for knowledge and truth. You instead became very rude to me. I didn't mean to be rude to you. Hence that is why i put the smiley faces. Maybe i should have chose my words differently and maybe if you reread my question, you would notice how im not asking you in intent of mocking you. I basically ask you with the intent of learning.

Thank you. I now understand that it is absurd to think homosexuality is a problem when it is in our gene. But parts of still think it is a problem because what if the overpopulation problem wasn't an issue. Homosexuals can't produce children, so in that way, it does deter the human race. I honestly (not being rude) feel like you are contradicting yourself. You know that some parts of homosexuality does in fact deter the human race to populate. What if overpopulation wasn't an issue?

Why do you focus on human evolution and the success of human race? Is it programmed in our heads that that is our mission? Is that the meaning of life itself? To produce and be successful? I mean, there is no way that you can prove that it is programmed in our heads? Unless, i read some history books.

I had respected you Chatturgha. I think you are smart and knowledable, so that is one reason why i like to talk to you. Asking this question made logical sense to me and i believe i have read one other comment that shared the same idea on a different debate. And all my words had came out of love and/or respect. As i believe all debators should towards on another. This is site to debate, not to hurt one's feelings. Good day and i apologize for your misunderstanding. :)

You need to define Gay Rights because that is a broad topic that means different things to different people. Having said that....

I am 100% against any group being treated differently than any other group (because this unites us).

I am 100% against any group getting any special privileges (because that divides us).

Does that answer the question?

chatturgha(1630) Disputed
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This is a very very old debate of mine that died a very very long time ago. Somebody went picking around my listed page of debates (coughTheThinkercough) and decided to resurrect it from the dead.

Now I feel frankly stupid that people are acting like it's new. I AM NOT A FOOL WHO POSTS THESE INCOHERENT THINGS. -_-'

Ah..., yes..., now I see. This was posted a 107 days ago. Yes, you've come a long way since then ;)


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I think that gay rights are ok. I don't understand what anyone would have against it. It think people that don't respect it are

Questioned for Gay Rights
Side: Gay

It is now 2015 and the Supreme Court has decided that Gay Marriage is the law of the land.

Side: Gay