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Gay V.S. Homophobia

Yep. And I dont want to hear the reproductive argument so iv'e debunked it for all you h8ers. A man and woman can make a baby so if a man and a man (or woman and woman) can't it's wrong right? No and im gonna use one of my favorite analagies; a cow as an organism wants to live, but if it eats another cow it is biologically preset for it to die of mad cow disease as it is a threat to the species, a a self defense mechanism. Thats what homosexuality is! A force to keep overpopulation in check. #TEAMGAY


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Love is love, simple as that. To love someone is not wrong.


The world would be such a boring place without Gay people, so, this is why there are so many wonderful Gay people to make this world such a better place.


Fucking hate those damn queers! Spreading their aids and other STD's. I love judging others and doing gods work for him :).

DragonInk101(2) Disputed
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You are instantly jumping to conclusions. Just because someone is gay, doesn't mean that they have aids and other STD's. Also, just because someone who isn't part of the social "norms" doesn't mean that they should be treated differently. Take for example vegans and vegetarians; they completely destroyed the norms of society from WAY in the past, where hunting animals is the way we survive, yet they aren't treated differently.

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You dare compare those damn queers to someone's diet? Go fuck yourself you piece of queer loving scum. People like you make me sick!

cough only joking cough

logicislogic(10) Disputed
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ummmm "god" (notice the sarcastic quotation marks) dropped you in the wrong fucking time zone because if you say any of that bullshit in pubic the gay community will drop you on your face faster and harder than your mom did