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Ik ben voor genderneutrale wc's omdat zo niemand stress ervaart omwille van de geslachtskeuze die ze moeten maken.

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I agree, the solution to the transgender debate regarding washrooms is actually to have non-gender-restricted toilets but no one seems to have a brain in politics or on the right-wing side. xD

excon(14391) Clarified
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Hello Ming,

Yeah.. That problem can be fixed if we just build a few more toilets..

But, that's NOT the problem.. The right wing HATES anybody who doesn't do it in the missionary position..


BananaOfWank(95) Disputed
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Look here everybody. The genius thinks an NFL stadium should have 1,200 individual stalls.

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Look. You're trans? That in no way affects my life, and I do not care. If you're happy with who you are then fuck whoever doesn't approve. That said, you have no human right to be accepted into the fold. You can't be an outlier from societal norms without expecting to be an outcast from some social circles. Your desire to be comfortable in a bathroom does not trump everyone else's. And you cannot expect every business to magically create a third bathroom for people who do not fall into the simple category of male or female. It takes time and money, it takes labor, it takes laying of extra pipe and making space, and it simply is not realistic to expect it everywhere you go.

And frankly, if you're the kind of person that will lose their shit on someone with basic observational skills for the incorrect use of a pronoun, you're part of the reason that the trans community is seen in a negative light by much of society.

If you can handle that dose of reality, we can crack open beers together no matter what's in your head or between your legs. Hell, I'll buy.