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German police arrest far-right extremists and foil plot to overthrow state


The Germans, who know something about far right extremists, put 3,000 cops on the street and ARRESTED them!

Isn't it about time we did that here?



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Nahh, we love our extremists

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German police arrest far-right extremists and foil plot to overthrow state

By "overthrow the state" you mean oppose billionaires and globalists who want there to no longer be a state in the first place. Also, you bringing up nutjobs, assuming they are, in foreign countries, just makes the closing off of borders argument stronger.

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Globalists is an anti-Semitic slur and dog whistle.

"Anti-Semites frequently use the term “Globalist” as a code word for Jews."

Supporting Evidence: Anti-Defamation League. (
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Another-Alt(237) Clarified
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For God's sake. The ADL is a radical extremist group posing as a civil rights organisation. Nothing the ADL says is true. It employs a literal spy network to keep tabs on various academics who publish anything critical of Israeli foreign policy.

I can't believe you expect to be taken seriously posting shit from the ADL. They could find anti-Semitism on Mars.

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Isn't it about time we did that here?

The FBI and the Democrats had Roy Epps in hand with video proof of him inciting a riot, and they let him loose and refuse to charge him with anything. So go ask them. In regards to "far right", that's what the media now calls anyone who dares to challenge them, including Democrats and Independents, so the term "far right" means jack shit. And they'll call you far right if you ever accidentally get their panties in a wad.

The fact that you still haven't caught on is really pretty fucking sad. FTX just robbed Democrat and non Democrat people blind of a combined billions of dollars. The establishment had FBI agents working for fucking Twitter. The government is adding onto the national debt like it's going out of style as if it doesn't matter. The media covers for them, and you just prance on along like a dog that doesn't know it's about to be hit and splattered across the road. Wake up bro. There's almost no more money to suck out of the US. They're doing a mass redistribution of wealth because they know America is about to burn to the ground. There is nothing left to steal.

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‘Enemies of democracy’

Yes, yes. Everything and everyone is an enemy of democracy. I noticed that every media outlet and their dog said Elon Musk was a "threat to democracy" even before he'd actually done anything with Twitter, and so far, all he has done is open up free speech. They're calling free speech a threat to democracy as they do FBI raids on Presidents, shut down businesses for years by force, have agents on the inside of Twitter, and pander to China. Something is a threat to democracy, and you'll have to excuse me Con. I highly doubt it was these 3,000 people...

Hey Con, check it out. It's not scripted or anything! No, no, no, no script here. The blatant overuse of the term"threat to democracy" is completely organic... Naaaaaaah. They aren't trying to program the minds of the plebs. Not at all... Heck, looks like everything from breathing to combing your ass hair is a threat to Democracy, eh Con?

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The best way to swell the ranks of extremist fanatics is to martyrize them.

This is the start of a global radical right wing BACKLASH in response to the seemingly inexorable march and adoption of extreme left wing ideologies and the rising influence of the woke's irrational agenda.

The German movement is made up mainly of intellectuals and professional people whose goal is return Germany as it was after WW1 when the nation was pure, its economy was sufficiently buoyant to build a war machine which took most of the rest of the developed world to overcome.

Angela Merkel's decision to herd in one million, mainly Muslim immigrants in 2017 was seen by many as a betrayal of the German people.

This perceived act of treachery acted as a highly successful recruiting measure and saw the membership of das Alternative fur Deutschland whose fanatical devotion to *das Vaterland will, after the clampdown, grow at an accelerated pace.

Fools and politicians, (but then I repeat myself) never seem to learn from past events nor from the sagacity of the wise men of history.

Isaac Newton's 3rd law; ''For every action there will be an equal and opposite reaction'' could be adopted into the world of politics.

When the pendulum is allowed to swing too far in favor of one political dogma it is only a matter of time before the embryo of resistance is spawned.


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Another-Alt(237) Disputed
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adoption of extreme left wing ideologies

Liberalism is not an extreme left wing ideology and everybody else in the world finds it absolutely shocking that Americans seem to believe it is. There is a vast open desert between liberalism and the far political left. Americans grow up with half the political spectrum hidden from view in what is an open attempt to brainwash them.

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Let's correct this headline to make it true rather than billionaire corporate globalist propaganda.

People who we don't know the exact politics of are daring to question our omnipotent authority because they're sick of our authoritarian, dystopian bullshit

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Norwich(1576) Clarified
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My interpretation of your comments is that you seem to be very resentful with your station in life and feel that by attacking the present state of affairs and claiming that those at the top of pecking order have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo will make you stronger.

You should try to understand that long before homo-sapiens appeared on planet Earth most other social groups, especially the primates had, as they still do, a hierarchy system whereby each individual group member will have his/her place within their clan/tribe.

Even chickens (thus my reference to pecking order) have a strict system of hierarchy.

So, you find yourself in the competition of life, and it would appear that you're well down the social structure ladder or chain of command and are not too happy about your lowly status.

Well, in the world of competitions in which we're all competing there will be those who excel and become rich and powerful and those who fail miserably and blame the system, society or any other feature of the dog-eat-dog conflict which is life.


The hard working and talented achievers are worthy of their dominant positions in commerce and industry and will always be able to influence national and global policies in a way which will serve their best interests.

Over the centuries life's losers, the peasants that is, have tried to improve their lot through revolutions and the violent destruction of the existing social structure of the societies in which they lived.

Just as in the world of sport and academia there will be the super achievers, the average as well as the losers and dummies so it is in the competition of life where we'll always find the whinging losers.

History shows us that when the losers decided to rebel all that happened was that the uprising either failed or where they were successful the new regime quickly developed their own brand of hierarchy which was almost always significantly more harsh than the one they replaced.

Check out Stalin's and Mao's graveyards filled with the slaughter of millions of their own people.

I don't know what, if anything you're suggesting as an alternative to the status quo, but be advised that I for one would be delighted to consider any fresh proposals.


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Another-Alt(237) Disputed
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My interpretation of your comments is that you seem to be very resentful with your station in life

If I'm the one who is resentful then why are you the one who has ignored the content of my argument and responded by launching into a bizarre personal attack?

Honestly mate, your sniping is pathetic. You're a racist alcoholic with absolutely nothing going for you in life. If it makes you feel better about yourself to attack me, then knock yourself out.

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