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Germany VS America


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More epic history... Just saying.

Also, the average German is sexier than the average American in my opinion.

These are just my opinions, please don't kill me.

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Cuaroc(8827) Disputed
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What happened to you loving america on your last account?

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Rogue Rascal(9480) Clarified
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What are you on about? You mean on facebook or what?...........

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What last account? Who is that?

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Lilyloo26(2) Disputed
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That doesn't make too much sense saying Germans are sexier than Americans. Every American is a different race

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Only five races but millions of Americans; I don't think that every American is a different race.

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I have more German friends than American friends, and I'm doing German B Higher so I have to choose this option :)

Plus I love the country, the rivers, the medieval history and the architecture... yay Hundertwasser( )!

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Germany created some pretty epic food...

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I have more German friends than American ones... plus they do have some really nice food. European Union also nice to be able to easily visit the neighbouring countries for holidays. they are great engineers. and apart from the 20th century Germany has such a wonderful and colourful history.

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I live in America.

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America more freedoms, more rights, less shady history. Less world wars started more world wars ended. Less countries invaded more countries saved you get the point.

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eXite85 Disputed
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America invaded more countries, today has less freedoms (patriot act and so on), of all countries in the world Germany is the only one, that hasn't a "shady" history, cause everything has been come to light and regretted. The us still thinks ( your post as an example) it was/ is a force of good. No "Wiedergutmachung" of American history ( slaves,tortures, drones, dictators)

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warrior(1854) Disputed
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America never had any dictators (not for very long anyway) and America has not invaded enough countries to equate to all of Europe sorry. And idd say saving the world from Germany twice makes us pretty damn good. As dose combating the spread of communism, fighting terrorism, and guarding 3 countries including Germany. Your rebuttal? Oh and by the way holocaust. Good day sir

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"slaves, tortures, drones, dictators"

Hmm, what does that sound like? Oh yeah, the history of most European countries, including Germany.

Side: America

>United States

>Strongest nation on Earth for 67 years and counting

>That debt? Just a number; who would ever collect?

>Highest GDP on Earth

>Worth 51% of the global economy

>Largest navy in the world

>Has military bases on 1/3rd of the Earth

>Only country with a functioning railgun

>30 years technologically superior to any other opposing nation's military on Earth

>Only military that has the industrial and technological capacity to mass produce unmanned drones

>Developing a new generation of spaceships

>Only country to have been to the Moon

>Only country with a private sector actively working in space

>Global center of the arts, humanities, education, finance, commerce, business, warfare, technology, industry, culture, politics and communication

>Owns the most cities on the World Cities ranking chart

>Won WWII singlehandedly

>Never lost a war in its 237 year history (Vietnam didn't win; look at them and look at the US now; same with Canada in 1812)

>Leader of the free world

Don't like us? No problem.

At the end of the day, you are all American people. The Facebook you use? American. Google? American. Apple? American. Microsoft? American. Every other thing on the planet except for putting milk into tea? American. You follow our elections (inb4 "I don't"; oh, really? You don't know whether Obama or Romney won?) You watch our movies and television shows. You wear our clothes. You copy our vernacular. You access American websites. You copy our Constitution and our laws. You read our books, ponder our art, use our weapons, drive our cars. The global economy is based on the US Dollar. Our military maintains bases on your soil. When our President speaks, you listen.

You are ALL American people.

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America is better because our country is stronger and does not have the ugly history of Hitler.

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