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Oh yeah! Nuh uh uh!
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"Girls just wanna have fu-un!"

I dunno about you, but this song always irritates me and before now I've always thought it what it saying was a load of poop - but is what it's saying TRUE - and not just for girls?

Think about it this way: Is anything us humans do unlinked to happiness - having fun?

Challenge me on this on; can you think of something that is either what humans do or manmade and that has nothing to do with happiness?

Oh yeah!

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Nuh uh uh!

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Um I'm not sure if you mean girls gone wild but if you do mean that then OH YEA,,!!!!

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cakemallow25(79) Clarified
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I didn't mean that at all! I meant: does everything humans do have a direct link to happiness? NOT about whether girls go wild - 1)I'm a girl and 2)I'm not that dirty!

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Delta(1348) Clarified
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Oh we'll make it clears cause I saw girls just wanna have fun and I that you meant girls gone wild

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