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JakeJ(3255) pic

Give me a new avatar.

Whoever posts the coolest "avatar" or profile picture wins and I will use it. GO!


(Sorry if you thought this was gonna be about a movie, I just can't make a debate without a picture. It bugs the crap out of me!)

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We have a winner congrats!!

Sorry Joe thanx for the effort. (;

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Define cool

JakeJ(3255) Clarified
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the one that I like the best..

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LOL did I inspire you to change your avatar??

In this post I'm being lazy and I'm just going to present images I already have.

let me know if you can't access these links.

For more ideas, let me know what you like so I can focus.

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that joe cool one is so you!

Yeah..., that's cool. I like Calvin ;)