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That guy is as dumb as a bag of hammers. The government recognizes the Freedom from Religion foundation as a church and the leaders as ministers and offers them the housing tax break that other ministers get.

Highlights from the following article:

But government lawyers say that atheist leaders can be ministers, too, since atheism can function as a religion. So leaders of an atheist organization may qualify for the exemption.

In a brief, the Justice Department argued leaders of an atheist group may qualify for an exemption. Buddhism or Taosim don't include a belief in God and are considered religions, the government's lawyers argued, so why not atheism?

The Internal Revenue Service does require, among other things, that a "minister" be seen as a spiritual leader and provide services for a religious organization.

Belief in a deity is not required.

"Plaintiffs may not presume that a law's reference to religion necessarily excludes beliefs that are specifically non-theistic in nature," the government argued in a motion to dismiss the suit.

Larry Crain, president of the Brentwood, Tenn.-based Church Law Institute and a longtime First Amendment lawyer, said the government might be right.

The FFR of course is trying to turn down the government's religious status because once they are recognized as the religious organization that they are they can no longer push the recognition of their religion to the exclusion of others in the courts (and their funding will dry up).

Oh and I bet Dusty gets a whole lot of my tax money in his welfare checks each month.

AveSatanas(4442) Disputed
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So according to them atheist organizations qualify....whats your point? you just pointed out that the FFR in particular wont take the exempt status so theres no hypocrisy in still wanting tax exemption eradicated. I seriously dont see what your point is

mc1934(70) Disputed
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My point is if you watch the video he says that it is unfair that churches get tax breaks that are not offered to atheist organizations. However like most people he is simply uninformed. The tax breaks are there for the atheist organizations ... and just because they refuse to take what is offered does not make the whole thing unfair. It is like a business offering a 20% off sale and someone demanding to pay full price then having another say they were discriminated against because they didn't get the discount.

He was making an invalid point from ignorance and I was pointing out his ignorance.

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As a christian you're against money for churches? How? What?

As a Christian I think that people should listen to the Bible and pay their taxes, and as a liberal or left leaning centrist, I believe in equality, shared responsibility, and the seperation of church and state. The only globalist theocracy I support is the kingdom of Jesus Christ. Only He is worthy of that power.

mc1934(70) Disputed
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If you truly are a liberal who believes in shared responsibility (other then it is my responsibility as someone who works to fund the lazy) you are as rare a creature as the unicorn.

really? turned it off after he said "the government decides what a religion is and isnt"

Um, fuck that shit

The government is made of people, like me and you.

Those people, just like me and you, are somehow deciding, for me and you, what me and you can believe and we cant believe based off if the government thinks it is healthy or not..........


The government is made of people, like me and you. Agreed, but what do you call the clown show in DC?

gratedebator(283) Clarified
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A bunch of outdated robots who need to be replaced by the newer generations

Jc41218(1558) Disputed
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