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do we need goals?


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a goal is something that sets us up for failure.

if we have no goals, we can never fail to reach them.

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Hi Chicken! A goal needn't set anyone up for failure unless one sets up unreasonable or unreachable ends. There are many factors that enter into our ambitions. The probable setbacks we may encounter along the way can be challenging but they are not failures. They are learning experiences that help us to decide what to do next in the face of them. One may need to make adjustments from time to time in order to reach our goals but that is to be expected. Think of those as mere detours. I may wish to get to Florida from New York by using Interstate 95 all the way, but what happens if a bridge I had to cross along the way suddenly collapsed? I'd have to find my way around that dilemma and alter my route. I'd still get to Florida but it would take me longer. As simple as that example is it is the way every setback if you wish to continue your journey and see it through to its end.

It is true that if one has no goals one can never fail to reach them. By the same token, it is also true that one will always fail if no goals have been road map for the detours of life. As long as one is realistic in their quest and as long as one realizes that there are many interim goals to be met on the journey, one does not have to worry about the end result being exactly as it was planned. Goals are not absolute and they don't have to be.

I once knew a young man whose goal it was to obtain his PhD in Psychology. He was putting himself through school by playing bass guitar in a pretty hot rock band on week-ends. He made great money doing this and he so enjoyed it that he changed his goal after much agonizing thought and feelings of guilt over his and his parents dream for him. How could he tell them that after all the years of study he wanted to quit and go on the road with the band? He loved Psychology but he loved music most of all. He took the risk and it wasn't in the was not the original goal he had set for himself. He was lucky and had an extraordinary career in Rock Music. His studies did not go to waste in fact they helped him and his friends many times in the very early days of the band. Today he is a producer and his background serves him well in the crazy world of music.

Goals are not written in stone. They are things that we all want for ourselves and our children. If it doesn't work, change it and keep right on walking toward it.

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If you have no goals, how are you suposed to get anywhere in life? Also, goals are a way to say either "I can do this" or "I gotta try harder"

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We need goals. We need to motivate ourselves. If we don't have goals, we never get the chance to feel like we did something or completed something, causing us to lack eustress, which is bad for our mental health because we suffer too much distress.

Sometimes we're supposed to fail, but if we always succeeded and always completed our goals, nothing would feel like it was worth it.

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A deed is meaningless. The meaning is in the doing alone.

There is a sense of falling victim of your own goals, but then again - major goal, the one you care about in an unexplainable fashion, has very often something to do with a salvation, somewhat.

And it is always built up upon smaller goals, which is the victimizing factor.

No absolute answer here.

Obviously no absolute for the other side of this argument. Planing on buying another Cola pack is a goal. Deciding to break up with your girlfriend is a goal. Becoming to a better companion for the environment and comrades is a goal.

Doesn't worth giving that up for the sake of not risking security.

The western culture and population are the goals of the past. Successful goals. Isolating humans in a vacuum of financial problems went great. Depersonalizing leaders and financial-problems-related figures went even better.

Dehumanizing thought to a single-story architecture stuffed with matter of social success and "whether I am good enough to be liked" went through the roof - nobody is in charge of THAT anymore, society itself holds those reins now.

Some existentials might disagree with the notion that goals have an essential part in playing out and particularly having a living body, arguing that goals are a distraction that takes you out of the current, out of basic reality.

But as always I'd like those existential madness to have some kind of policy in order to allow every human being into this luxury of dominantless, JUST living, wind hugging, cloud naming, final freedom.

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This is one of the most useful metacognitive tools that humans could have devised. If you're on the side of useless, you have little metacognitive awareness or you'd realize that you use this all the time. Whether it be long term, overly ambitious goals, or short term, like cooking, you always utilize the ability to process tasks by establishing goals.


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