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God Created everything Science
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God Created and science Agrees

 Bring any argument or scientific Research that you wish to refute God creating. I will pick them apart one by one, from the "Big Bang", to "Evolution" and Even "The Ice Age". If there is any one Bold enough to debate against me please do try.

God Created everything

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If Ice Age taught me anything, it's that Ray Romano was probably the best choice to voice Manny. That was some really good casting. I was impressed with that choice, but not as impressed as I was when I went to the science museum and saw real dinosaur bones.

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By the way, this is about god, not some.... something? Seriously. Ray Romano is an actor...

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Indeed .... John 01:01 .. In the beginning was the Word .. and the Word was with God .. and the Word was God

01:02 .. he was in the beginning with God

01:03 .. all things came into being through him .. and apart from him nothing came into being that has come into being

01:04 .. In him was life .. and the life was the Light of men

01:05 .. the light shines in the darkness .. and the darkness did not comprehend it

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Try to refute the idea that the Earth was created 5 seconds ago with false historical evidence in place, every person created with false memories, fossils in the ground and universe fully formed. It's actually more probable to create the world as it is now than a billion years ago because of the increase in entropy.

Now,because you can't refute this hypothesis, does it make it true? Obviously not. Now you tell me how you choose between evolution and creation? You'll probably choose whichever theory agrees with what your mother taught you. I, on the other hand, will choose the simpler theory, the one that does not require a non-corporeal entity capable of controlling time, space, energy, and matter.

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SlapShot: "working on my dissertation that totally proves we are products of evolution" .....

lol ... sounds like an invitation to me Slapshot ... go for it

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The problem with defending evolution against non believers is that there is such a huge and proven mountain of evidence that one has trouble knowing where to even begin.

It is rather like defending that we are human beings and not reptiles.

Or that the moon is not made of Swiss cheese.

Besides, I have offered to take this idiot up on a debate before and he conveniently ignored me.

Look, to those counters who are fond of braying......"evolution is just a theory" I have explained many times here that in science, a theory is more substantial than a fact.

We don't use the word as layman do in everyday conversations. Like when they say......I have a theory why my boss is a jerk. science a theory is an entire collection of facts that have been gleaned from many many observations and experiments. And has never been successfully challenged.

Over 95% of professional scientists believe evolution to be by far the best system of explanation on who we are and how we got here and where we stand in the Grand Scheme of Things.

I have never met a biologist or anthropologist or geologist who does not believe in it. These are the fields of science that deal closest with the main tenets of evolution.

Evolution has passed every single test thrown at it. AMD with flying colors.

Like, say Einsteins Theory of Relativity.

But even more so as we have more tangible proof. Such as transitional fossils, hundreds of forms of radiometric dating methods, as well as LIVING proof I'm the way of observable vestigial traits. In both us homo sapiens and in other animals.

Even Richard Dawkins has said he would happily admit evolution was not a certainty, if there is even ONE finding that detracts from it.

But after over 150 years since Darwin and thousands of attempts to discredit it by mostly non secular scientists, nobody has provided one credible piece of research.

Look folks, this battle is not even close. Hell, it's not even a battle.

It is a landslide.

The biblical Genesis creation story is a fairy tale from Hebrew Mythology.

As real as a Greek mythology account of how Mt. Olympus was created.

Very few biolologists even bother defending it any more. Since there are no credible or worthy counter arguments.

The closest for a little while was Michael Here's argument of Irreducible Complexity. But even that was debunked so thoroughly that Behe himself has abandoned it.

I doubt the dolt who posted this debate challenge even knows who Behe is. Or what IC is.

I feel my brain cells dying even explaining all this. It is on fourth grade level, claiming evolution is false. Most of us just laugh at detractors. They are not worth our time since by proxy any believer in Creation by a god has zero science training.

We are like, say, an aeronautical engineer who does not want to engage in a debate with a ten year old who claims he can make a paper airplane orbit the earth.


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You can't create something out of nothing. It's like the Big Bang theory: It's just a stupid theory. I believe that everything simply was already there. Not necessarily planets, but there. A god Cannot create Everything out of NOTHING.

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