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 God gives Christians the wisdom to admit our own sins. Non believers refuse to do so. (10)

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God gives Christians the wisdom to admit our own sins. Non believers refuse to do so.

One of the big differences I see between Christians and non believers is when it comes to the honesty of admitting our own personal sins, irresponsibilities, shortcomings, etc.

It's truly amazing the insecurity of those not willing to admit their faults. When debating non Christians on this site, I've noticed how they will ignore and deny the undeniable, just so they can hold onto the lie of how non Christians can be good people without God.

So when Christians give them example after exampe of their irresponsible lifestlyes and sins, they refuse to admit these behaviors are sins.

I've created debates asking Atheists if certain behaviors are sins, such as...

Is it a sin to have one night hook ups, taking chances of pregnancy with complete strangers?

Is it a sin to abandon the children you have created, leaving them for tax payers to support?

Is it a sin to abort even viable late term babies for any reason? If so why would you elect those that support it?

Is it a sin to take illegal drugs and taking a chance of getting addicted?

Is it a sin to abuse alcohol and taking a chance to become an alcoholic?

Is it a sin to drink too much, knowing you will have to still drive home?

Is it a sin to live promiscuous lives taking a chance of spreading Aids?

Their answers are seldom, yes it is a sin.
No, their answers usually revolves around the no fault anything goes mentality whereby we just need bigger Government to deal with all these "mistakes" people keep making.

Do you see how they answer? These behaviors are not conscious sin, but rather "mistakes". We all make mistakes correct?

The last I knew... 4+4=9. Thats a mistake!

Deliberately choosing to have sex with a complete stranger, or taking illegal drugs, etc. is an irresponsble choice and sin.

Ask yourself why you simply can not admit the obvious. The answer is because admitting the obvious gives credence to God and the truth in his words. Your insecurities will not allow it. Just as with alcoholics, the first step is ADMIITING YOU AVE A PROBLEM!

Until you are willing to admit your sins, there will never be an answer for all the problems in society. Without God, that type of secure honesty will never happen.
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Now we will hear from all the anti Christian bigots telling you how Christians are no better than they are when it comes to admitting sin.


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Non believers refuse to do so.

Very true. Fake Christians are even worse.

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Now we will hear from all the anti Christian bigots telling you how Christians are no better than they are when it comes to admitting sin.

Well at least he knows that some Christians are like that, but calling people bigots for pointing out an obvious observation is a bit much.

God did give everyone the ability to admit their sins and atone for them. Non-believers refuse to do so because they don't believe in God. It's like saying people who believe the earth is round refuse to admit they can sail off the edge. If I don't believe there is an edge (God) why would I worry about sailing off it? (believe in sin and admit to it)

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Anyone who routinely bans opposing views on a debate website and refuses any wrongdoing themselves is proven to be the person who will not admit their own sins.

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Why is it that christians have so much trouble admitting that they're worshiping an unjust monster that murders the innocent, causes genocide, brings evil to anybody who dares rational thought, promotes slavery and misogyny, and plays the most ludicrous game of hide-and-seek ever?

That seems objectively sinful.

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If a sin is something that breaks divine law, and we don't believe there is divine law, then we don't believe in sin. At least that's how I view it. I'd be willing to call many of those things immoral in my own subjective opinion, which seems just as good as saying that they are sins. The word doesn't matter so long as we agree something is wrong.

FromWithin(8240) Clarified
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Post your responses on the original debate instead of this copied debate from the site clown.

If you actually want an intelligent response to your words.

EldonG(538) Disputed
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"Intelligent response", it claims!

Gee, can't you parrot the writings of dead religious zealots in other debates?

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Hello From:

You wanna IMPOSE your religion on us.. Don't you KNOW that this great land of ours was FOUNDED because the King was IMPOSING his religion on us?? You don't know that, do you??

Look.. I'm HAPPY you admit your sins.. I'm HAPPY it gives you solace.. I'm HAPPY that you practice your religion the WAY you want to.. But, I don't want to.. Am I not FREE to refuse??


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Just a thought - the majority of those that end up doing all of those things profess to be christians. Just saying.

In fact, according to the census, the US prison population is reported as 28% Protestant, 24% Catholic, 8.4% Muslim, 3.1% Native American, 2% Pagan, 1.7% Jewish, 1.5% Churches of Christ, 1% Buddhist, and less than 1% in all other categories - atheist accounting for .1%.

What's up with all the religious criminals? 99.9% of the criminals in the USA are not atheist!

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Prove Christianity(which would prove the existence of sin), and I will gladly admit my own sin. Until I encounter evidence, I am not going to believe in the existence of sin(or Christianity for that matter).