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 God is evil. (5)

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God is evil.

God is so evil. He takes everything important away from me just to make me miserable. I wish I was fucking dead. Life is not wrth living when an evil God is in charge.

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If you are speaking of an omnipotent, omniscient god being the creator of our universe, I have to say I find this God's ethically horrid.

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Maybe, he isn't evil, maybe he just doesn't exist. Maybe it's just the vicious nature of life, and life alone.

A God that would make you feel like killing yourself is not quite an existential God at all; let alone a moral one.

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Don't say such things like that. That is the devil telling you those kinds of things. He is the one that is trying to deceive you.

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The devil? I don't think so....

It's likely just misfortune. The world is indifferent towards everybody, some people are dealt a better hand than others.

Is this about another rejection?