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God on transexuality

A woman must not wear men's clothing, nor a man wear women's clothing, for the LORD your God detests anyone who does this.


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Is it me or do drag queens/kings look super ugly while also teaching kids bad things?

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What's bananas is that leftists will violently defend people that they wouldn't be near, nor allow around their kids, but could never dare defend a law abiding citizen who hurts no one. Want a defense for Hamas, MS-13, or a paedophile? Go find a leftist. Want a defense for the average Joe? No leftists can ever be found.

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It is very sickening and disgusting to the majority of heteroseXual males to see another normal male pretending to be a woman.

I am not in any way at all whatsoever speaking about the poor innocent individuals who are born with mutated, transgender malformities or birth defects who are out there struggling to identify and fit in with society.

These special people deserve protection, respect medical attention and a solution to prevent this malformity and defect in the offspring of children. I would be willing to help in any way. But the normal Male or Woman pretending to be the other seX is also disgusting to God.

The Children born with birth malformities and sexual deformities and defects are crying out to have their problems fixed and have drugs, surgeries and hormones, and transformations and truly need help.

They know that things are not right and that they need to be fixed and a change needs to be made to feel normal. This is only natural.

I believe that " IF " drugs and chemicals and perverted seXual practices are what are causing these seXual malformities and that " IF "

there is a solution and when and IF a solution is found there should be a penalty or fee for parents who knowingly engage in these drug activities and perverted sexual practices and IF it produces children who need millions of dollars in medical attention. IF If society accepted the root of problems, many of societies problems would be resolved and children with deformities and health malformities and problems would not occur. IF possible. THIS WOULD HELP so many future children to be born with a normal life. This is my hope.

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