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Good Samaritan Laws

Should there be laws on the books that allow people to be prosecuted for failing to help people in certain situations? How extensive should these laws be?

(It should be noted here that I am referring to laws that compel people to act, not those laws which exempt people from liability if they are trying to save others.)

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But do you think that people would be good in the society.And,what is a society a society is a part of normal people and people in big position. So why should we never let normal humans to help normal people, so the duty of a normal human is to help or be a responsibility human.So, we cant stop normal humans from helping them.For example,in China a 2 year child was ignoered and she finally died. So we should publish this law to every country.And sometimes police and doctors are the only one to help if they are not in duty ,so we should bring this law.

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The intent of the law is noble, but the execution, to me, can result in major injustices.

First - Witnesses. Witnesses exist because they witnessed a crime. How can we expect witnesses to come forward if their is a possibility that they are breaking a Good Samaritan Law? The Good Samaritan law does not ask for you to assist the police in investigations, which come with "aiding and abetting." Instead it can hold you a criminal for not acting at a particular moment. We can not expect to have so many witnesses with enforcement of Good Samaritan Laws.

Second - How do you prove that a person could have reasonably assisted the victim of the time? Yes, this would depend on legislature, but allowing government to put citizens at the mercy of how a law is written does not look to me to be justice.

The Third is not that important, but it does bring about a point on individual liberties. Individuals aren't expected to do the police's work. that is why the police are provided by government. The courts and police have enough reasons to put us in jail, I don't think Good Samaritan Laws are necessary.

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It is unfortunate that I have to agree that there should not be any good samaritan laws. We should live in a society where we want to help one another, but that goes more into a moral, or ethical view, and you cannot legislate ethics or morality. While one person feels the need to help whenever possible, it cannot be governed that the next person must do the same thing or face consequences, this only leads to people being more likely to walk away so that they are not included in any problem/action.

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A Good Samaritan is a very good person but there should be no law forcing someone to be a Good Samaritan.

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