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Good news, Global Warming is over!


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Wait..., What? No!

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I'm so glad GB is over. I was getting tired of this topic anyway ;)

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Joe. How many times are you going to make me prove you wrong on this issue? There are a million things wrong with what this guy says, but let's stick to the graph that he claims shows a global cooling.

I am far too tired of repeating myself, so instead watch this video:

1998 Revisited
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Did you watch your video? Around time 4:44 it says that a volcano eruption in the early 1990's cooled the world. Hmmm, isn't volcano smoke a lot like car smoke? So if we want to cool the world, we should all drive SUVs ;)

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If Global Warming is real then why did the Global Cooling Deniers change the name to Climate Change? ;)

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What makes your video more valid than my video. I like my video better. Thank you very much. I think my video is more recent than yours and scientists have had a change of heart (and data) since then ;)

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Although I wish it was, it isn't. People still dont recycle as they should and people dont car pool and put the airconditioner no more than 77 0F. I am also guilty. so unfortunantly it isn't over=(

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