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To where will this lead? Should Germany be trusted?
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Good or bad? At our behest Germany is rearming to become Europe's defender.

Twice in the last century Germany caused two devastating world wars both of which caused the slaughter of millions of defenceless civilians and the displacement of millions more.
As we're now financially incapable of providing an effective military presence in Europe to meet the ominous threat from Putin's Russia and since Britain's departure from the E.U., has caused the dwindling of their resources it has been left to Germany to provide defence cover.

To where will this lead?

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Should Germany be trusted?

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Does Germany, which is the industrial powerhouse of Europe and now to become the leading military force represent a danger to, or a protector of Europe.

In its new, upcoming roll as a major global military power will this nation with a history of brutal aggression be a positive of negative influence to world peace?

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Some will argue that as Germany is not a nuclear power its military capabilities will be limited to conventional warfare and therefore its effectiveness as a deterrent force will be severely limited.

I assert that if Germany does not already posses a nuclear capability it has developed the technology to do so at the drop of a hat.

As Germany has been appointed to act as the nation to provide a creditable defence of Europe it will have to have an effective nuclear arsenal of both offense and defensive weapons.

If your not wary of Germany as a mighty military force with nuclear weaponry you should be.

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