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Google VS WolfRamAlpha

Before you chose, you should check out this introduction to WolfRamAlpha first.


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Google... .

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For statistical information Wolfram Alpha is better. I saw the presentation on and was very impressed. For general subject matter information though, I would say Google is better.

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No, wait... WolfRamApha ;)

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Wolfram Alpha sure is more promising these days

And It is only gonna get harder for creationists to deny scientific achivements like studies into DNA and the tree of life (Evolution) when the program has gotten good at computing that kind of stuff, and showing it in a easy to grasp way.

Also with voice recognition (coming very soon) it is likely that we will be able to talk to Wolfram alpha and have it responding in a much more intelligent (human) way then I think the google technology would be able to

But still I think we are compairing apples and oranges - as of yet the two search "programs" have very different uses and functions

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Thanks for sharing. I think I'm going to start using wolframAlpha for my homework and when i need data; but google would be better for finding websites.

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wow, I think I just realized how much I love wolfram cause this search engine is pretty amazing. I typed my above response during the beginning of the movie, as it went on though i became more and more impressed. Maybe I'll put a application in after the 4 more years of schooling I have.

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