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Government Scandals & Obama

Benghazi, the IRS vs. the Tea Party, and Associated Press phone taps. Jeez! What's next?!

With all of the scandals going on in the government, and public trust at an all time low, Obama is starting to look a lot like Nixon. But like Nixon, should Obama be impeached? All of this happened under his watch, which makes a rough start for his second term. Or, do you think he can get it together and fix it to improve his image again?

Impeach Obama

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I look back over the years and really... most of our presidents are criminals; at least on the constitutional level.

Obama is as guilty as Bush.

but then this brings me to another realization: Our entire government should just be taken down. Let's face it, guys, Obama and Bush are nothing compared to the machine that is our regime. You remove Obama, you have Biden, remove him, you have Boehner. There's no winning through just impeachment. Take it all down.

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Idd say there are more reasons to impeach Obama then just the ones listed above. But these recent scandals should get his thrown out on his ass.

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These scandals should get Obama out of office really. All of these scandals are impeachable offenses and are good reasons for impeachment.

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AP Wiretaps - They had subpoenas. It was part of an "investigation" into a failed terrorist attack according to the Justice Department--which is a separate branch of government. I personally am against this. It is part of the Patriot Act which was only partially repealed, but it is not illegal, and you'd need to "impeach" the judges which granted the subpoenas if it were, obviously. It will not stop feeding frenzy on the right who, if those wires weren't tapped would have just pretended they were. But for level heads we should keep the story straight at least.

IRS Scandal - This one was hilarious to me, but probably not a good idea for the IRS. The real scandal is that these political organizations, right, left or in the middle, are allowed to even file to be tax exempt. It's retarded. They should pay taxes and so should religious groups while we're at it. Anyone with an obvious ideological or political motive that has nothing to do with charity should pay the same taxes as any other organization.

That's the real scandal. But yeah, it was a bully move picking on the dumb tea party. I mean, I'd do the same if I were given my job by a guy and then a bunch of people started making up lies about him and stirring up hatred, I get why they did it from a human aspect, but bad idea none-the-less.

To keep it in perspective though, the average for being granted tax-exempt status is 9 months, and a handful of these crazy fringe groups had to wait 11-22 months. They were targeted for extra scrutiny, they were not forced to pay more taxes or rejected without legal reasons any group would be rejected for. No laws were broken, and this one literally had nothing to do with president, so I'm not even sure the House of Representatives would be able to spin it into an impeachable offense.

Benghazi - This is just a silly witch hunt.

The most important element of that entire story is that Congress recently had cut funding for security for all ambassadors, no crazy outrage over that, but I guess people can't really dislike Congress any more than they already do.


None of these things are impeachable, or really even traceable to the president. It doesn't look good, but it's not criminal activity.

But then again neither is getting a blow job, so who knows. The House will probably try to impeach him.

Comparing any of this to lying to the American people in order to start a war where hundreds of thousands of Iraqis die and thousands of Americans and our allies die is just retarded. And let's remember, Bush was not impeached.


All of that is a distraction to the real issue that Congress refuses to vote on fixing the sequester in order to save potentially hundreds of thousands of jobs, feed hungry kids, and fund head start programs,

but they are about to take their 47th vote to repeal Obama Care.

That's the fucking scandal.

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I hope you know this is all a ploy to discredit Hillary Clinton, the Republicans know they can not win 2016 or even have a remote chance in hell if she runs, they are trying to gain face with the American people but the thing is the face of America has changed, it's no longer the America of the 1960's, the days of "Mad Men", America is shifting to more intellectual society.

I am going to tell you this right now, mark my words, save this post and rub it in my face if I am wrong but the Republican party will not win another major election in America if they continue to embrace what they been embracing, if the Republican party is to ever win another major election they have to become the republican of the pre-Bush era meaning keep God out of politics.

I fear this is not going to happen and this may lead America into a second Civil War, and again I hate to say this but the "South will lose again" but this time to near extinction and the reason is this time the (going to be blunt) ex-slaves have guns, also the majority of whites no longer support this type of bigot behavior and will side with the secular movement not counting 90% of all other races in America.

I do not mean to scare you or anyone and I hope to "God" it will not come to that but at this rate I fear this to be our future, in the end the second American Civil War will be called the War on American Civil liberties.

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I take half of the scandals seriously such as the NSA, however I have no concern about Benghazi however I don't think he has gone far enough as to be worthy of impeachment.

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It is now 2015 and the Obama bashers tried to get this wonderful President impeached but their attempts all failed. The bottom line is that this wonderful President hasn't done anything wrong to get impeached.

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