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Government and religion are synonymous

Both provide support for the people. Both provide a big brother like father figure. Both cause violence and peace. Both are heavily criticised by skeptics. Both give individuals a scary amount of power, approved by the nation or God respectively. The only difference?

Religion is dying; government isn't.


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No they are not synonymous. Religion requires for spiritual progress, religion improves peoples moral values. role of religion is totally different than government. whatever points u mention power,violence are not related to religion. But it is possible that some one (king or government) can use religion to create violence or to get power as it happens in human history but then we should not relate it to religion.

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Organized religion and government are similar, but not the same. Religion, just religion, is not at all the same as government.

Religion is an answer. Government is a structure. Organized religion is a structure, as is government, but they have two totally different purposes.

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Maybe if your government is a Theocracy .

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