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Government regulation requiring immigrants to adopt the beliefs, habits, and language of t


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who are we to tell people how to act and behave, in fact wasn't America founded upon the very fact that people had the right to do and be whoever they wanted. Not that this is only focused on America, however, many other countries hold these same freedom values and force immigrants to change who they are seems ridiculous. If everyone conformed and was the same, the melting pot of America would only have one ingredient.

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Elliott(30) Disputed
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If the country's way of doing things is wrong then why would someone want to immigrate there. Should the country that's the best at attracting people to move there be required to become more like the countries people want to get out of?

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imrigone(761) Disputed
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Should the country that's the best at attracting people to move there

You should probably count net migration. Because if the amount of people leaving is significant, that could trump the opinion of those entering (since the people leaving actually have experience with the locale.)

If net, than: rankings/2112.html

US is #25...

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Immigrants that adapt to beliefs are only going to bring those back to their original Homelands. Back when immigrants traveled to Makkah, some learned the teachings of Islamic faith and brought it back to their homelands spreading it. Government regulations such as these can help spread products, ideas, and beliefs.

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julianar(1) Disputed
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This would disrupt the status quo in the country that they came from and also immigrants means that they are moving somewhere else not taking a trip there and coming back to their home country.

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Immigrants should be required to learn the language of the land in which they want to become citizens.

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