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Greydon Square (Scientific rapper)

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Oookay but that shit's boooring for nerdsssssssss

I likey me some Wiley and Devlin in the SAME SONG... Yep, they were true rivals who hated each other's guts at the beginning of their careers but both were such dominant forces they learned to back down from each other, quite a brilliant proof of talent when that mutually happens.

If you don't understand the accent, fuck off.
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Thanks for posting this, I was not aware of this Artist. What is so great about music/art like this is that it demonstrates you can have all of the good aspects of culture without all of the bullsh't.

Are you familiar with Symphony of Science by MelodySheep? Here is a link:;=PLFC4EE4355ADEBDB1

Also, here is a link to the opening song from the Tv show "The Big Bang Theory":