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Gun Control

Gun control is the limiting of our rights to own guns.

Ban gun control

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Support gun control

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Banning gun control seems like overkill. Why not just end gun control?

But anyway, gun control is merely more means for government to maintain power over the people.

In an ideal society, government would have very little power over the masses. Sure, letting them have power over the undesirable few (such as criminals) is good, but as long as individuals can own weapons, government can't take on a whole country (especially if its their own).

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Gun control only inflicts more violence.------------------------

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Although I would support a world without guns, gun control has a severe side effect. It would prevent law-abiding citizens from owning a gun... but criminals are by definition not law-abiding.

The law, designed to limit violent crimes from guns, would only remove guns from hunters, sharpshooters, and those wanting extra protection: not from the murderers.

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Gun control is unconstitutional, that's all I have to say.

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Disarmed People = Are Dominated People

Simple as that so do we really want to ban guns?

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girls over 18 carry a gun to protect them self from rapist so if we ban guns you know what will happen

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There is too much gun violence in America. Strict gun control is imperative.

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