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Gun Grabbers, Climate Change Alarmists and Vaccine Pushers Unite

The obedient subject of the state will undoubtedly gladly relinquish their weapons, money and health. The citizen will vehemently oppose a state that steals, lies and sickens them.

Good little serf

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I have convinced Liberals to do my bidding. They will war with Christianity. They will destroy Western culture. And I will be their one world master.

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A defenseless, gullible and sickly population. Or a armed, questioning healthy one.

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Guns and Dope! Guns and Dope!

Supporting Evidence: Guns and Dope Party (
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What kind of drugs are you on man?!??!!

I've never owned or needed to own a gun. I'm not some reactionary pussy who thinks everyone is coming to murder me.

I live in Louisiana so climate change is going to become a real problem in the coming years with every year being the hottest on record and hurricanes becoming more frequent.

I have great respect for the advancements of modern medicine do to scientific method. I would prefer not to have small pox or polio.

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