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 Gun Silencers could become easier to purchase (10)

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Gun Silencers could become easier to purchase

One of the initiatives that President-elect Donald Trump could pursue is to make it easier to purchase gun silencers. A move that would drive the gun-control crowd into a tizzy.

The Washington Post reports  that Donald Trump, Jr. is among the people pushing for more lax regulations on gun silencers as he said in a September interview that it's an issue of "safety."Naturally, the Post quotes Kristen Rand of the pro-gun control Violence Policy Center saying that killers want gun silencers so "they could kill quietly."The industry wants to make silencers less scary, but they can't," Rand pontificated.

According to the anti-gun nut Kirsten Rand only killers want a suppressor. Can these anti-gun nuts get any more crazier when it comes to firearms ?


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I think when a would-be murderer uses a silencer to kill someone it shows consideration for the bystanders. The loud bang of a gun can be very disturbing to the onlookers. I think that's compassion for others.

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Anti-Gun nuts like K. Rand make money on the rhetoric they push !

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So, why do you want a suppressor?

FUNMUN(127) Clarified
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Someone may not want to have there shot to echo through the woods, which would scare away any other game within the area making it harder to hunt.

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Which strangely enough makes Kirsten Rand correct. A hunter would be trying to kill quietly.

outlaw60(15368) Disputed
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Did i state i wanted a suppressor or that i owned a firearm ?

Cartman(18192) Disputed
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Yes, and yes. Ok, fine. Why would someone want a suppressor?

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Isn't silencing a form of censorship? Let your guns' express themselves! This is like making gimp gags easier to purchase.

outlaw60(15368) Disputed
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What is wrong with owning firearms and suppressors for those firearms ?

Grenache(6054) Disputed
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Asks the man with no understanding of irony. .................