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Mental Health Lack of Gun Restrictions
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Gun violence: What's the main culprit?

Okay obviously there are multiple causes, but what is the main one?  Mental health or lack of gun restrictions (as in we should ban semi-auto, high cpacity magazines, no gund at all, etc)?

Mental Health

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Lack of Gun Restrictions

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Possibly the Chinese who invented gun powder and Leonardo da Vinci, the first machine cannon, could be attributed with this accolade.

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I would suppose that the people who think guns are the problems... have the Mental health problems, or are too pathetically old to even think straight.

Here is the sImple question to ask to show these anti gun extremists for the jokes they are.

Why is it that these mass shootings only started these past few decades?

If semi automatic guns, and too few restrictions are the problems, why were these mass shootings (of strangers with no connection to the shooter) not happening for most of our American history?

We had many guns, semi automatic guns, with hardly any restrictions in the past.

What has changed? IT'S NOT THE GUN!

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Gun violence: What's the main culprit?

Hello daisy:

The desire for notoriety.


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Gremlin1(115) Disputed
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It's really great we have the Liberal media to glorify them isn't it?

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EGO! The desire to feel the power of a gun against a person (or persons) who (hopefully), can't shoot back! A wish to relieve "stress"! Defined as: "The confusion created when ones mind overrides the body's desire to choke the living shit out of some asshole who (you think) desperately needs it." (Or, in todays preference, just shoot them).

EGO isn't necessarily a factor that would show up as dangerous in a psych exam, so, the egotistical "Second Amendment-ers" like "mental illness" as the "main culprit".

Side: Lack of Gun Restrictions
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Every other developed country which has laws about who can own a gun and for what, has less gun crime than the USA; less murders per capita than the USA; less violent crimes per capita than the USA.

Every single one.

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outlaw60(15500) Disputed
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HAY LEFTIST are you about confiscating guns from criminals ?????????????????????

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