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 Guns and ammo or a bow and arrow (8)

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Guns and ammo or a bow and arrow

What is a better tool for hunting or target shooting

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I think a gun and ammo is better for hunting because it can take down a deer easily. But a bow and arrow is better for targets because it takes more aiming ability.

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I guess it depends on if you want to eat your prey or not.

A bullet can damage the meat and pelt.

I honestly cant say , as i dont hunt.

But i have found throwing a handful of darts is more fun in chasing people off my property then using a baseball bat. :)

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Deviant says he has a katana ready for intruders. I, myself, would use my trusty hunting knife.

In response to the debate, I'd say that a gun and ammo will do a better job.

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Yes darts. They go far enough and are fun to throw and most people dont expect it.

I use anything within reach but darts are fun.

As for hunting or target practise i would have to take the bow and arrows.

An arrow can be retrieved and re-used .

A bullet cant.

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i think that guns are better in war because if you were someone with a bow in a war and the other people had guns then they might survive a hit to the head then while they still have life left in them then they can still shoot you when they have the chance and if you get hit in the head then you are definitely screwd.but if you are in a a sitch were you are a general and all these people are taking over your town then a bow would be better because you can use it for mele as well and you can get one of there generals and hold the bow to his head and mak him tell you were there leader is and who it is and if he does manage to kill you then you will let the string go and the arrow will go staight through his head

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loganwhite(51) Disputed
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a broadhead arrow is designed to tear a pretty big hole in something, that getting in your soft, squishy brain would be the end of it, or you would be retarded for the rest of your life

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I would want both of them to use.

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