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HANG Mike Pence - HANG Mike Pence - HANG Mike Pence


Yeah. Hang Mike Pence, the mob screamed. 

If the rioters had found him, would they have hung him?



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Yer nuts, excon

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Ah, my alter-ego.

Would they have hanged Mike pence?

Well, there probably were those within the mob who would have started the hanging process but I'm fairly certain that they would have backed away from completing the gory act of hanging him by the neck until dead.

But I can't be sure about that.

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excon(18074) Clarified
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Ah, my alter-ego.

Hola, mi self:

They were also gunning for Nancy Pelosi. Would they have killed her?

Look.. I'm sure MOST of those individuals are very fine people who would NEVER hang anybody on their own.

But, MOBS.................


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Norwich(1289) Clarified
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Yes, people's behavioral patterns and personality can be temporarily altered by adopting the ''group or pack mentality.''

Nancy Pelosi is the sort of person whom many people would never get bored punching, but I don't think even a wild-eyed, feral mob would kill a woman.

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Hamburger(180) Disputed
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We know Pelosi let them in. The only way she would have, would be if they worked for her party. Not surprisingly, you provided no source in the first place, so it's moot.

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BaloneyHead(212) Disputed
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And we know which party is known for mobs now don't we?

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Developing(494) Clarified
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Excon, meanwhile the "Black Lives Matter" riots led to over $2 billion worth of property damage, thousands of police officers being injured and many people murdered and assaulted. Businesses (including black owned businesses were completely looted and destroyed by arson.

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I look up video of the hang Mike Pence chant, and it sounds like it's two guys. Ooooooooo. The big 2 guy death chant. Hide the women and the children. I love how the "footage" is of some dude filming himself that is caught nowhere on the capitol grounds on security cameras. Meanwhile in real news, Democrats do their January, 6th pony show, and their ratings plummet yet again.

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