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Hi I only just joined, I read a lot of your debates about fake accounts and would just like to say that I am not a fake account.

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Lol... first it was optimus prime, and now it is megatron.


Srom(12204) Disputed
1 point

I am srom1883. Also I have no control over Mors777. I don't know who he is and what is password is. Just leave me alone. I don't own that account!

Is this a piss take, honestly, you're either trolling or stupid or both.

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Well then welcome hope you enjoy this site :) I know I do :)

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What's with all these random people who create these personal welcome debates? Most of them we never see again.

Dremorius(861) Clarified
1 point

This one is just a little joke done by Srom, and something tells me he won't be leaving any time soon.

Hi Srom, how you doing? I know it's you, because only you would be dumb enough to say that you can see the entire Earth from the top of a mountain. if_goddoesnt_exist_how_did_the_bible_tell_us_the_earth_was_round_before_anyone_else#arg241668

Mors777(59) Disputed
1 point

I don't know anyone called Srom, I'm completly new here. YOU'RE AN IDIOT!

ChuckHades(3198) Disputed
2 points

1. You're bullshitting.

2. I am considerably smarter than you are. I am no genius, but I am in no way an idiot. The same however, could not be said for you.

Srom(12204) Disputed
1 point

Dude, He is new here. Give him a break. I don't know who Mors777 is and I don't know the password to that account. I didn't create that account. Stop saying its me. I only own 1 account and that is this account.

Bohemian(3861) Disputed
1 point

Stop....just stop. You're not fooling anyone.

Both republicans

Both evangelical Christians

Both sound and speak the same

Both use transformers avatar

Srom =Mors backwards

Neither are well informed

Up-votes each other

I can safely say with 99.999% certainty that you are full of shit.

1 point

Good grief! Just stop it.

1 point

oh come on!!! guys stop it -__- it is becoming rude..and annoying!! give this guy a break...he is new here so dont let hin regret joining... oi Mors, i hope you enjoy your stay here! be safe and dont mind what some people here say -__-

GeneralLee(134) Disputed
1 point

How can you not see that Srom is Mors. I know he changed his avatar now, but Srom's avatar used to be that of the Autobots. Mors is that of the Decepticons. He's obviously deceiving you. He's a troll and a liar. Mors is Srom spelled backwards. Both their profiles are the same. They both compliment each other. They never disagree. My greatest proof of the fact that they have the same profiles it this. In this article, Cuaroc says, "why don't you just make a few more accounts to spam up-votes for yourself? ...

doesn't srom already do that though?"

To which Mors replies: "I don't do that. Making alternative accounts would be untruthful." Notice how he says I don't do that. The question was addressed to Srom, but Mors answered it with a I don't do that. He was obviously accidentally logged into the wrong account at the time of the posting. He probably meant to be logged in as Srom, but accidentally posted as Mors. This is concrete evidence. I'm already working to see if I can get his account removed. So don't be surprised if it disappears one day.