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HIV AIDS cure killed along with inventor to avoid losses by HIV meds companies

Since it was an embarrassment to the scientific community that a mere herbalist with no academic background had found the cure the deadly disease, they decided to kill him especially when he resisted the idea of rather letting it be acknowledged by the world that the cure was invented by one renowned scientist.

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This very feared permanent disease should be the case by now if they just allowed Nana Drobo. He was jointly assassinated by his Ghanaian people, Japanese and the West.🤐

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Jody(1338) Disputed
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Another of your bullshit conspiracy theories , maybe produce a scientific peer reviewed paper or two proving this witch doctors various cures for cancer , aids etc , etc ?

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jeffreyone(1368) Disputed
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Google.books has it, it's on Amazon and on most of your popular websites and news medias have it.

Bet you never tapped on the link I provided , is that how you were taught to learn in school?; Jumping into an ignorant conclusion before examination of evidence. It's not a conspiracy. It's quite popular; an open secret. It's quite recent 1992. There are many great scientists of your own such as Nikola Tesla who are not talked about in your academic syllabus due to some mischief the scientific community wants to cover up. This is one of such. Please developed the habit of learning.

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HIV AIDS cure killed along with inventor to avoid losses by HIV meds companies

LEFTIST what the FUCK ??????????????????????????????

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