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 HYPATHETICALLY- Would you hold it for a mate ? (8)

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HYPATHETICALLY- Would you hold it for a mate ?


Years have passed since that "special" moment with you and your best mate ,
Where you both promised that youd always be mates and you do anything for each other.
Well as i said , years have passed and you and your best mate are still going strong .
You are both now grown-ups.
Except your best mate has just broken both his arms and desperately needs a to take a leak.
Do you assist your buddy , and hold his willy?
What if he needs to go for a number 2 , would you wipe his butt for him?

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Hypothetically, yes, I would hold it for a mate if they really needed me to.

Really, no. No matter how much they needed me to. That's what they have girlfriends for.

Why can't he just squat like a woman? He can sit on the toilet, can't he? Or is his ass broken too?

Reminds me of this story when I was in the Army. They dropped me and my friend off and gave us a map and a compass and told us to find our way back to camp before sun down. They also gave us a radio in case there was serious trouble.

Well, my friend had to take a dump and as he went to sit, a rattle snake bit him on the ass. He screamed so loud I dropped everything and ran to him. When I realized what happened I ran back to radio in the situation and I was told to use my knife and make an X out of the puncture wound and suck the venom out quickly otherwise he was going to die.

When I ran back to him he asked what the doctor said and I told I him that the doctor said he was going to die. May he rest in peace ;)

What would be wrong with that? It is not as if you've never touched their genitals/buttocks before.

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If it was a girl yes.

If it was a man?

If I would perfom that action it would be very...very questionable to my other comrades.

I'm not saying I wouldn't, I actually don't know what I would do unless that actual happened.

These "What if" questions HA HA

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If my best "mate' had just broken both his/her arms I could not hold it for them, I'd be calling the emergency responders! cant hold it and dial at the same time I've tried.

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people are stupid you do not have to hold a girl while she pees! we have nothing to hold!! but yes hypathetically yes i would hold it for my mate but wiping the bum-bum im not quite sure about that one i'd have to give it some serious thought for like a long time!!

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Yes people are stupid arent they.

I dont recall mentioning the mate being a girl , nor do i mention holding fanny , I do however say he and him . oh and yes if someone dont hold his , your mates , willy while he pees , then its just going to end up in a puddle at his feet. As for wiping your mates arse , well its not all its cracked up to be.:)

Oh and btw , girl to girl , dont you wipe after you pee?

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No, but I'll pay good money for the hottest gal who would - that's what buds are for.

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