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 Happy Birthday, America! (12)

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Happy Birthday, America!


Ain't this a great country, or what?

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This will be my 82nd American Birthday ………… I've never seen an unhappier one. One presided over by a Banana Republican. It's time we REALLY Made America Great Again by returning to government OF, BY and FOR …. the PEOPLE and NOT just those who follow the banana Republican to authoritarianism!

Bring back the REAL Republicans …. you know, the ones who hated our enemies? The ones who, at least SAID they wanted to reduce the debt, the ones who stood with our allies, the ones who stood for the Constitution, the ones who wouldn't THINK of having a secret meeting to keep a President from getting "good" things done for America … the ones before McConnell, Trump, Giuliani, Barr … etc. :-(

Antrim(1297) Disputed
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Instead of bellyaching why don't you tell us what you did for your country during your lifetime and what you're currently doing to help achieve the Utopia you so desperately yearn.

Instead of imparting your knowledge and experience of some 82 years to those around you you're still moaning and dreaming of an unobtainable idealistic state.

You're partially correct on one of your avers.

Due to unregulated mass immigration along with the incalculable millions of illegal itinerant migrants and the *national self loathing of the loony leftest Democrats America is crumbling from the inside.

President Trump is frantically trying to stop the rot but his gallant and patriotic efforts are being thwarted by the left wing ideologues whose globalist ambitions for a border-less world is slowly dragging America down into the type of Banana Republic to which you refer.

Estimates of the illegal immigrant population range from 11 million to 21 million.

If we take an average of 16 million we can be sure that the one thing these nomadic criminals have in common is that they all originated from real SHIT-HOLE Banana Republics and it is they who are well on the way to making the once great United States of America into a BANANAPOCALYPSE.


mrcatsam(585) Disputed
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Oh, look, Mr. Arse-ache is back. It's been a while, hasn't it?

AlofRI(2842) Clarified
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I'd tell you, but, then I'd have to kill you. Violence is NOT a part of the Utopia I so desperately fought for. ;-)

An "unobtainable idealistic state" is only unobtainable to those who give up on it ….. or leave it up to those who try to obtain it "in Gods name" (whichever "god" is victorious :-).

I see Trump … as I believe the majority does, as fueling the "fascist rot" that is spreading on the right and "dragging America down into the banana republic" which YOU seem to prefer.

The "illegal immigrant" numbers COULD be drastically reduced if Trump would "keep his promise" to the DAKA's that have EARNED their citizenship … many in the service of THIS country.

Wake up and smell what it is the looney right is shoving up the ass of democracy! The ass of EVERY patriot wanting a utopian America …. and DIED for it! Change your avatar, Antrim! You are fornicating the flag as Trump does when he wraps around it! (Hopefully, we still have one of those 1776 fighter planes left to defend Washington from the tyrant ;-)!

outlaw60(15500) Disputed
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Al you are not 84 ? Damn BOY you are CONFUSED !!!!!!!!!!!!! ROTFFLMMFAO !!!!!!!!!!!!

AlofRI(2842) Clarified
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Smokin' again, outhouse?? Even if it's medically necessary, it's still bad for your lungs. It's kind of a tradeoff. If you start coughing when you laugh …. it's a bad sign ;-)