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Happy Birthday, Silaswash (10-12-2011)

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If you are wondering how old I am. I am 20 years old now.

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O.o Really? lol I thought you were older for some reason.

But happy Birthday :) I hope you have a lovely day.

Yes it is and what made me seem older?

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The Real fun starts a year from now! Happy birthday to our future leatherneck.

Happy B-Day, may Michael Jackson pay his respect to his #1 fan with his presence..... In spirit ;-)

Thank you Joe that is a very nice thing to say. God bless you.

I hope he does cause I'm just an old man trying to get into heaven ;-)

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Happy birthday Silas! I hope it's a good one.

Thank you my brother God bless you.

Happy Birthday.

May your dancing skills mimic the awesomeness of your avatar.

And may the Force be with you. :D

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Happy Birthday! Enjoy your special day! Do you have any big plans?


Yes I do have big plans I am going to Golden Corral October 29 which is on a Saturday.

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Happy birthday may your brain give you more ideas so you can create good debates