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Harvard University hosts Anal Sex Workshop

On Tuesday at prestigious Harvard University the university’s annual Sex Week offered a new feature: An anal sex workshop. Hosted by adult shop Good Vibrations the workshop titled “What What in the Butt: Anal 101,” gave invaluable tips on learning how to stimulate nerves in the rectum how to use anal beads and how to avoid infections. The hostess Natasha had marked opinions she wished to offer including “the stupidity of abstinence,” the value of “practice, practice, practice,” and a primer on utilizing butt plugs.Natasha made this point “Not all men have penises, not all women have vaginas,”  butt “The butthole is the great sexual equalizer. All humans have a butthole.” 
The climax of the evening came with the raffle which offered expensive sex toys including butt plugs and vibrators.

Leftist need to be taught in college how to plug their butts !!!! Ba Ha Ha Ha 
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This looks like the moral highground they like to tell us about.

NicolasCage(506) Disputed
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What's so morally wrong about learning how to use your body's pleasure to its maximum potential? If it were immoral to have anal sex why would God make it so darn good?

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So someone jammed their banana in your poop shoot? Good to know and TMI.

Chinaman(904) Disputed
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Natasha made this point “Not all men have penises, not all women have vaginas,” butt “The butthole is the great sexual equalizer. All humans have a butthole.”

Hey Nick are you as confused as Natasha !

Chinaman(904) Disputed
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Hey Nick i forgot to ask you do you Leftist need to be taught how to pull your butt Ba Ha Ha Ha !

jeffreyone(1349) Disputed
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You are more animal than human.

You were reared not trained.

Same you who masturbates, engage in immoral sex and sees nothing wrong with it.

One more thing you need is to go back to the jungle where you truly belong.

Where there is lack of cognitive capacity and conscience/conviction.

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Harvard is certainly bringing up the rear in the Ivy League and they are a pretty well-greased machine.

Sodomy and Socialism should become a required course in the Ivy League.Oh wait it already is.

Rusticus(1623) Disputed
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@Chinaman - Did you enjoy the lecture or was 101 too tame for you? Learn any new tricks?

What's your favorite butt plug?

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Have you intelligent folks noticed no Leftwing loonies responding to this debate?

You see, when we show their depravity to their face, and they have no way to try and decieve others to how we are supposedly wrong about what we are saying, they hide and never respond.

I have repeatedly spoken to how they support No Restriction abortions of viable late term special needs babies, for merely being diverse and different, and NO RESPONSE.

We all know what total deceptive phonies they are.

This is the type of stuff Liberal Colleges indoctrinate our children with. They are trying to teach them that unnatural abnormal sex is normal, and in this way teach that Homosexuality is natural and normal.

These are the types of Colleges that hang paintings of President trump's decapitated head on the walls for students to see.

Grenache(6103) Disputed
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I'm not a left wing loony, though you think I am. I was away for a few days. See separate response in the thread.

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The next time an academic tells you how important diversity is, ask them how many Republicans are in their department. ;)

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You should do more homework before posting.

That woman, Natasha, at Good Vibrations, also is the one who conducted a survey to find out if Republicans or Democrats were kinkier and the Republicans scored higher. n139764.html

And before you bash that as being a Huff Post source it's just a repaste of the actual press release from Good Vibrations.

Your spin on this class being Democrats and Liberals getting their freak on is wrong.

FromWithin(7827) Disputed
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I don't try to paint every Liberal such as yourself as being more depraved or sinful than any non Christian Conservative.

We are showing what the politically correct Liberal elites running our Collleges, schools, Government, etc. are trying to do with our young. They want to indoctrinate and condition them into this twisted politically correct depravity.


You are the ones who elect and support these PC Big Brother mind conditioning leftists.

Grenache(6103) Disputed
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No, you've missed the point. Harvard University isn't a liberal college catering to liberal students hellbent on sex and perversion. Harvard is where the wealthy elite go. Many of whom are conservatives and Republicans. Harvard offering such a class has absolutely nothing to do with liberalism. Indeed, if there was demand among the students to make such an offering the study referenced suggests it was probably more the Republican students who asked for it.

Like usual I'm the one who brings documentation to the discussion, while you just bring smears. Then you twist it as I don't understand when it's quite easy to explain why YOU don't understand.

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Ummm...good for them? I find myself asking, seeing as the original declaration didn't - what's the debate? Whether they did or not? Apparently they did...

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jeffreyone(1349) Disputed
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That is why i can bet you will definitely burn in hell...............................