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Yes, 1500 deahs each day. People need instructions.
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Has Biden got something right at last with mandatory anti covid-19 vaccinations?

At last Biden has shown some leadership and will be introducing legislation requiring all frontline government employees to be vaccinated against the more severe effects of covid-19. 
There are too many dim witted low lives at large trying to rationalize their stupidity by refusing to have the covid shot or being just too thoughtless and lazy to bother.
Hey dummies, get in line for your jab or you're out of a job and will be denied access to all leisure facilities and hospitality venues. 

Yes, 1500 deahs each day.

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People need instructions.

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It is most unfortunate that we have such a high percentage of shitheads within our midst.

Darkies and greasers are the largest groups of offenders.

You know, the rioters, muggers and burglars.

Side: Yes, 1500 deahs each day.
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This piece of proposed sensible legislation will be more than cancelled out with Biden's border policy which is responsible for 10s of 1000s of disease/covid-19 ridden illegals crossing into our country and scattering unregulated and undocumented all over the country.

Poor old man Biden can't just get his act together no matter how hard he tries.

Side: People need instructions.