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 Has CD become just a very bad joke? (23)

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Has CD become just a very bad joke?

I came here looking for debates. Once in a while, I do see a real debate here; but the overwhelming majority are just pissing contests for people vying for these previous points. Are these points killing CD? Where is the reason? Where is the logic? Where is the evidence? Debating shit like, "is belly button fluff morally good" or "throw ismaila down the well..." is simply juvenile.

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As for the month I've been here. I've been noticing the real debaters leaving and the people like prodigee, or bigots who don't care about other's opinions showing up.

I try to post stirring topics, and reasonable debates to keep the good people here, and in hopes of bringing the old good debaters back.

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Although I haven't participated in many of your debates, I've appreciated reading them. You've posted some very thoughtful debates.

hey thanks.

Yep, it's pretty bad. There doesn't seem to be any moderation, so it has been taken over by trolls and idiots. There are some good debaters on here, but they seem to be the exception and not the rule. If you find a better debate site other than let me know because I'm about ready to jump ship.

You say that it's pretty bad but that there's some good.

I present to you an example that proves your point.

I don't know if that debate is an example of the good or the bad. If you think it's bad, then you're part of the problem because you posted to it ;) If you think it's good then take the good with the bad (don't kick a nice pair out of bed because her feet are cold).

Anyway, I'm not here to troll you (too much), I'm here to offer a solution. Here's what can be done: How_to_create_the_debate_site_you_always_wanted

Actually, I came here to promote my boobies debate ;)

Del1176(4971) Clarified
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What issue did you find with good old DDO?

LittleMisfit(1745) Clarified
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Too many trolls

Too many people that can't debate without acting like a 2 year old throwing a temper tantrum

Too many debates that aren't actual debates

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There are problems but there have been problems before and it has sorted itself out but at the moment there is too much drama and crap "debates"

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Very true. There's far too much religious crap, there's too many trolls, there's Ismaila. The site is virtually pointless. It's a waste of time being here, as when it comes to debating something you'll get nothing but personal attacks and childish responses, not to mention "debates" that, well, aren't really debates at all, simply stupid ideas and stupid questions. The site is almost completely dead, just a few short breaths now and then.

nummi(1432) Disputed
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Saying what the flaws are is whining? Including the flaw that those who should do something about it do nothing.

This isn't any longer a debate site, even if it ever was. Name doesn't determine, the contents do.

You are the one whining here. Why else would you say a thing in opposition when I am right? And you know I am, unless you're stupider than I think you are.

It's funny really, you're one of those who keep flooding the site with pointless crap. Sure, a little bit is okay, but too much is too much and you've gone way past that.

Why are you here, on a site that claims to be a debate site? You're not debating, you barely say anything worth a glance. In fact, I am certain you and your crap is one of the reasons this site has gone way off its right course.

As to running my own site, or moderating one, I don't have time for that either way.

Sitara(11080) Disputed
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You just cannot handle the truth. You are angry that Judas and I whooped your ass. You bitch about drama and create it yourself? Hypocrite.

nummi(1432) Disputed
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Grow up.

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It is a funny joke...

Marry women of your choice by 2's and 3's and 4's...