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Yes, definitely. No, not at all.
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Has CD help make you a more intellectual person?

Yes, definitely.

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No, not at all.

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CreateDebate has taught me quite a bit over the last year and a half. I have learned many different view points on an endless number of subjects. I have witnessed some of the most epic and eye opening arguments on this site.

I have participated in many debates where I myself learned something about myself during the debate.

CD has also been a major contributor in my knowledge of general subjects. Such as politics, history, and religion.

Essentially I am saying thank you CD I wouldn't be the same person without you =P

Side: Yes, definitely.

No doubt that in finding CD, I am much more intelligent and I feel that I can win and dominate in family debates.

Side: Yes, definitely.

It has taught me patience. The art of baiting people, louring them in, waiting for the right moment and then wammo! Come out of left field when they least expect it ;)

Side: Yes, definitely.
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I am a witness to this, I remember I once tried to call you out on making light of what I thought to be a serious debate topic. After that you came out with an essay on the matter and shut me up =P

Side: Yes, definitely.

Well...., I hope I wasn't too rough. I rarely get serious ;)

Side: Yes, definitely.
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Definitely. It gives me the chance to be considerate of other people's views, and teaches me a lot about the world. Plus, for me, debating=freedom. I'll be surprised if anyone votes 'no' for this debate, because if it didn't help people intellectually, they wouldn't come on the site.

Side: Yes, definitely.

To be honest, it made me stupider. I've forgotten a great amount of knowledge during my tenure here.

Side: No, not at all.