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has taken over leisure time has not taken over leisure tim
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Has social media taken over our leisure time

has taken over leisure time

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has not taken over leisure tim

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People spend their leisure time on Social Media, They felt relaxed and got information on Social Media.

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In today’s society, social media’s importance has been increasing rapidly. While it may have many noble uses it has also been used for spreading misinformation, hate etc. What is even more concerning is that social media is taking over our leisure time.

Before I continue, I feel it is important to state how important leisure time is in a person’s life. It enables us to pursue our hobbies, improve our health, increase our knowledge and distress. Given the importance of leisure time it becomes even more concerning that we are replacing a range of activities with an addicting and over stimulating one.

According to Forbes, the average person spends 3 hours and 38 minutes on social media daily. That’s 1314 hours, 55 days, in one year. Just imagine what would happen if we dedicated a fraction of that tine to self-improvement instead of exposing ourselves to the dangers of social media that I mentioned earlier.

It is no news that social media overstimulates our brain into secreting an excess amount of dopamine, which affects our reward system. Multiple studies conducted by Harvard and McLean Hospital have proven that. This not only affects our creativity, thinking process and self-esteem but we are also essentially becoming money generating products for social media corporations, by encouraging this kind of exploitation.

To conclude, I would like to quote Alexis Ohanian,

“It takes discipline to not let social media take over your time.”

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Social media has certainly become a major part of our leisure time. We now spend more time than ever before scrolling through our feeds, interacting with friends and family, and engaging with content.

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Social media and online services are very useful in our lives. I think everyone's opinion will be different depending on the content. If you get bored, playing territorial io will make you happier.

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I feel that social media has reduced a lot of the time we once spent watching television but has not taken over, or even infringed on other recreational activities such as sporting pursuits or hobbies.

Our cyber interactions with our fellow human beings represents a more positive use of our free time and enables us to hone our communication skills and increase our literary abilities.


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